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10 Good Reasons To Shop At Arbor Teas This Earth Day... And Every Day!

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So Earth Day 2009 is nearly upon us, and that seems like a good enough reason to show off what we're doing here at Arbor Teas to reduce our impact on the planet.  We're not usually ones for the "hard sell," but this may be the one time of year that we'll make an exception.  The degree to which we've minimized our environmental "footprint" is a real source of pride for us here at Arbor Teas, and every once in a while we can't help but brag.  So, in case you were looking for a few more reasons for Arbor Teas to become your tea source (or if you just want to take comfort in knowing that your source for tea is doing everything it can think of to reduce it's environmental impact), here you go!

Reason #1 - Exclusively Organic Teas:  We are deeply committed to organic agriculture, offering an entire catalog of organic teas and tisanes. Organic farming excludes the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and genetically modified organisms (GMOs), resulting in a variety of benefits to flora and fauna, air and water qulity, and our climate. Arbor Teas offers one of the largest catalogs of USDA certified organic teas available.

Reason #2 - Green Packaging:  Our packaging is specially designed to minimize its "environmental footprint," relying on parchment-lined paperboard and glassine-lined kraft paper instead of tin-plated steel.  This shift reduced the carbon emissions associated with our packaging by over 80%!

Reason #3 - Green Printing:  We take a green approach to printing, which means we keep our printing minimal, use post-consumer recycled paper, and use low VOC soy- and/or water-based inks whenever possible.  It's unlikely that you'll ever see a printed catalog published by Arbor Teas.

Reason #4 - Reuse/Recycling of Materials:  We aggressively recycle our solid waste, reusing office supplies and packaging materials wherever possible. These efforts have been recognized through our partnership with the Washtenaw County Waste Knot Program.

Reason #5 - Reclamation of Materials:  In addition to recycling boxes for shipping our orders, we reclaim packing materials (peanuts, paper, bubble wrap, etc.) from local businesses and the local Materials Recovery Facility. Don’t be surprised if your order shows up packed in a hodgepodge of packing materials that have been given a second life!

Reason #6 - Green Energy:  By participating in DTE Energy’s GreenCurrents program, we promote the generation of energy from renewable sources, preventing approximately 10,000 pounds of carbon from being released into the atmosphere each year.

Reason #7 - Bicycling Hauling:  In an effort to further reduce our carbon emissions, all of our outbound packages are delivered to the post office (or other shipping carrier) by Dave Askins and his bicycle-powered hauling company, HD Hauling.

Reason #8 - Earth-Friendly Shipping:  Although all of our shipping (both to and from our facility) has been carbon offset through CarbonFund.org (see below), our customers can elect to have their orders shipped via USPS Parcel Post, which doesn’t rely on air transportation (except to Alaska and Hawaii). Air transit generates far greater greenhouse gas emissions than ground transportation.

Reason #9 - Carbon Offset:  For those carbon emissions that we just can’t avoid (yet), we’ve teamed-up with CarbonFund.org to offset them by promoting the development of green energy, energy efficiency and reforestation.

Reason #10 - Tips for Green Living:  To help our customers keep the environmental impact minimal once their tea arrives at their door, we do our best to provide helpful, relevant tips and information for earth-friendly tea enjoyment!

We hope you'll consider making Arbor Teas your Earth-friendly source for organic loose leaf teas!