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Ann Arbor Food Blogger Creates New Recipe and Arbor Teas Giveaway!

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Chai Iced Tea Cubes Ann Arbor-based food blogger, Willow Arlen, is the creator of the blog Will Cook For Friends. Willow is a writer, photographer, and lover of food. She started blogging back in 2011 as a way to combine her passions. Her blog has stunning photography and tasty recipes!

Recently, she posted a new recipe for Chai Iced Tea Cubes using Arbor Teas Organic English Breakfast Black Tea and created a giveaway of Arbor Teas tea samples.

Of her Chai Iced Tea Cubes recipe, Willow says: "I love to wrap my hands around a nice hot chai in the winter, but in the summer months I prefer a cooler option. That's where these super-concentrated chai iced tea cubes come in. Just add a couple cubes to a glass of milk (or dairy-free substitute), and you've got a refreshing glass of iced chai tea."

We think Chai Iced Tea Cubes is simply a brilliant idea!

Check out her recipe and giveaway!