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Artist Finds Tea-based Paint a Viable Alternative

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A tea painting by Jeffrey Axelrod

Painter Jeffrey Axelrod has brought a whole new meaning to "the art of tea." Claiming that making paint from tea "costs pennies," Axelrod has recently gained popularity as the modern pioneer of making art using tea - a method he has been practicing for the last seven years. Another tea painting by Jeffrey Axelrod

In order to obtain the full spectrum of colors that he needs for his paintings, Axelrod claims to use over 200 teas; he blends five or six of them to create a unique shade. To create a variety of hues, he includes flavored teas (like plum teas) for blue colors, African rooibos for oranges and reds, and intense Japanese green teas like matcha for green colors.

Axelrod believes that painting with tea touts other benefits, too. Mistakes can be erased simply by applying water with a paintbrush. The drying process can be catalyzed with a blow dryer - but usually Axelrod lets them bake in the sun, preventing the colors from ever fading.  But most importantly, Axelrod believes that tea produces art which cannot be replicated with water colors or acrylics - the results are entirely unique.

You can read more about Axelrod's work  here or view his artwork on his website here.