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These Fruity Organic Teas Are Perfect for Summer!

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Maybe it’s the memory of summers past, or the bevy of summer fruits available at the farmer’s market, but every summer, we find ourselves craving light, fruity teas that are unfussy and yet robust enough to be served over ice. With that, we bring you six of our favorite fruity teas – perfect for summer, or any time you want to tempt your palate with something sweet.

Crimson Berry Fruit Tisane

First up is a fruity tisane we love because it’s caffeine-free and thirst quenching. Our Crimson Berry Fruit Tisane combines rooibos, tart hibiscus and mellow rosehips with sweet currants, elderberries and cranberries for a well-rounded, intensely red infusion. This strongly flavored blend stands up well to cold brewing, and, when combined with a bit of honey or sugar, makes for a great frozen treat.

For even more fun, you can use this tea to make tea-flavored frozen fruit pops . Yum!

Organic Citrus Ginger Green Tea

Green tea lovers on the lookout for a balanced, fruity green tea that will hold up well to ice will be pleased with this one. Our Organic Citrus Ginger Green Tea combines a medium-body sencha-style green tea with orange peel and ginger root. This tea is light, and refreshing, and yes – perfect for summer.

Organic Plum Oolong Tea

Our Organic Plum Oolong is extremely fragrant and fruity – an ideal summer tea for oolong-lovers, or anyone who enjoys an intensely fruity tea. This blend combines organic Chinese oolong with an organic Indian black tea and natural plum flavor, with organic schizandra berries, rosehips, hibiscus, and currants. One customer reports that it also makes a killer Kombucha.

Two Ways to Mango – Black Tea and Rooibos!

In some regions around the world, summer means mango season. In India and elsewhere, this intensely sweet fruit ripens on long stems and is picked at the height of perfection. Then, it’s used in everything from mango lassis to chutneys, or simply eaten raw. If mangoes haven’t made it to your farmer’s market, you can still enjoy the fruits of the season – in your teapot. We offer two organic mango tea blends – a caffeine-free Organic Mango Rooibos (kids love it!) and a stunning Organic Mango Black Tea blend.

Organic Apricot Black Tea

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention this customer favorite – a subtly fruity and balanced tea flavored with apricots and lightly floral organic calendula. Our Organic Apricot Black Tea is perfect for those who are curious about fruity teas, but prefer a more subtle flavor.