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ICED TEA TIP: Create A New Iced Tea Recipe With These Fun Additions!

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Mint Tea LeavesAlthough some of the best iced tea comes simply from well-brewed, high-quality tea leaves, it's often fun to jazz up your iced tea with other additions for something new and exciting. Here are a few ideas (many of which can be applied to simple syrup, as well):

--> Herbs: A number of different herbs can enhance the flavor and aroma of iced tea. In general, anything that has a minty or citrusy character works nicely with tea, including (but not limited to) mint, thyme, lemon grass, lemon verbena, etc.

--> Fruit: Various fruits can add complimentary flavor and visual interest to your iced tea. Berries and citrus work particularly well, but it's best to add these after the tea's been chilled (especially citrus, the peels of which can impart a bitter quality).

--> Fruit Juice: Mixing your iced tea with fruit juice (or lemonade) is a fun way to adapt iced tea, or make it more appealing to those who might not like the taste of tea (who are those people, anyway?). Works really well with kids!