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Looking Back on Arbor Teas' First Five Years!

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This month marks the fifth anniversary of our humble little tea company, and it just wouldn't be appropriate to let the occasion pass without comment. Looking back, it's remarkable to realize how far we've come, and all that we've accomplished along the way!

Starting with a meager 100 pounds or so of tea, this company has grown from a part-time venture of a newly-married couple, to a company that now sells thousands of pounds of organic loose leaf tea every year, employs four, and is run by a family of three (finally a true mom-and-pop shop!).  From absolute tea "unknowns," to a company featured in the national media for it's staunch commitment to sustainability, invited to panel discussions as a leader in the industry, etc.  Wow!

So far, this one company has been through two generations of packaging (with a third to be revealed early 2010), three different websites (starting to think about version 4.0...), four school years teaching tea appreciation at the local community college and elsewhere, five World Tea Expo's, countless certifications, inspections, approvals, mentions in the press, etc., etc., etc.

Above all else, however, the story of Arbor Teas has been about friendship. From the friends (and family!) who helped us make it through that lean first year, to the friends who've helped us shape and continue to grow this business, to the customers who come into our lives every day - offering not only money in exchange for the products we sell, but friendship and appreciation for what this company stands for.  At times, running our business feels like keeping up with an ever-growing collection of pen pals throughout the country - who also happen to buy organic tea from us!

It's been quite a ride, and we wouldn't change a thing.  If you measured success in the number of friends made, Arbor Teas would be on the cover of Fortune Magazine. And that's how we'll continue measuring it over the next five years!