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October is National Fair Trade Month - Buy Fair Be Fair

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Did you know this October is the 10th annual National Fair Trade Month? National Fair Trade Month is a time each year when we take a moment to focus on our Fair Trade Certified Tea. Arbor Teas has committed itself to offering one of the widest selections of Fair Trade Certified® loose leaf teas available, and we celebrate the Fair Trade Certified® Communities from which they originate. Meet some of the inspirational tea farmers & farm workers of our Fair Trade Certified communities. The theme for the 2013 National Fair Trade Month is "Buy Fair. Be Fair".

Check out the newest Fair Trade video:

What is Fair Trade?
Millions of growers and workers worldwide have dedicated themselves to the production of tea. We have their knowledge, skill and artistry to thank for this exquisite product. Most tea is grown and manufactured in developing countries, which often lack fair wages and suitable working conditions. However, the best tea gardens and cooperatives understand that high-quality specialty teas depend on the people and the environment that produce them. Fair Trade Certification verifies and acknowledges the commitment of these producers to meeting internationally recognized Fair Trade standards, which include:

• Wages that meet or exceed legally established minimums

• Absence of forced or child labor

• Freedom of association and organization

• Safe working conditions, including protection from exposure to harmful agrochemicals

• Adherence to national and international labor protections, including those established by the International Labor Organization of the United Nations and, in India, by the Plantation Labor Act