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Sri Lanka Sees Growth in Demand for Fair Trade Tea

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Sri Lankan Flag

According to a recent article in Sri Lanka's English-language newpaper, The Sunday Times, that country's fair certified tea producers have continued to receive growing demand for their products, particularly in Western Europe. We are very proud to carry an exceptional example of that country's organic and Fair Trade Certified tea production - our Greenwood Estate Ceylon Black Tea.

Happily, this growth in demand is echoed throughout much of the Fair Trade Certified tea marketplace. According to the Sunday Times, 82 producer organizations in 13 countries reported selling a total of 2,614 tons of Fair Trade Certified tea in 2005, which grew by 48% to 3886 tons in 2006. Very encouraging growth, indeed!

Arbor Teas is, of course, thrilled to be part of this exciting (and very satisfying) dimension of the tea industry -- not just for what it means for our bottom line, but what it means for our industry and those who produce these wonderful teas.