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Majority of Darjeeling Tea Estates to Go Organic

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Makaibari Tea EstateAs published in India's national newspaper, The Hindu, the Darjeeling Tea Association (DTA) has mounted efforts to increase the production of organic tea so that the majority of the "champagne of teas" is organically produced by 2010.  Currently, about 37% of the total crop grown in this famous region is organic.  “Efforts are on now to cover at least two more gardens that contribute 13% of the total yield under the organic cultivation norms,” a source at the DTA told The Hindu.

It takes about three years to convert a garden from conventional plantation to an organic one. This involves not only a total ban on chemical fertilizers and pesticides but there are also restrictions on the use of some natural items. “For instance, use of tobacco extracts for pest control, is not allowed,” sources said. Pointing out that the movement toward organic production of teas started about 15 years ago, Darjeeling sources said that it commanded a huge premium in the international market.

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