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Introducing Two New Organic Green Teas from Korea

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We are delighted to add two amazing NEW Organic Green Teas from Korea to our catalog! Most people associate green tea with China and Japan, but few know that Korea has an almost 2,000 year old history of tea production and tea culture within its borders. Widely unknown, Korean Green Tea is one of the best kept secrets (shhh!). We are delighted to add these excellent representations of Korea's top two teas - Organic Woojeon Green Tea and Organic Sejak Green Tea - to our catalog on Valentine's Day. Who said "green" can't be the new "red"?! Grown on the volcanic island of Jeju, these organic certified teas are infused with the salty sea breezes and fertile soil of this pristine area of the world.

Organic Korea Woojeon Green Tea Organic Korea Woojeon Green Tea This is an excellent representation of the highest grade of organic green tea from Korea. Plucked in early to mid-April, this tea has a beautiful, smooth cup of concentrated vegetal flavor that lingers in the mouth and evaporates on the mid-tongue. The tight, small dark green leaves have the occasional bright green wisp of a curl that hints at the light yellow, jade-like liquor to come. Its cup is thicker in mouthfeel than our other Korean green tea, Organic Sejak, and represents the most premium of Korean Green Teas.

Organic Korea Sejak Green Tea Organic Korea Sejak Green Tea More akin to a Japanese green tea flavor profile than a Chinese green tea flavor profile, this Organic Sejak Green Tea has a brothy and boldly vegetal cup that pleasantly lingers in the mouth with smooth, mild astringency. The liquor color reminds of an early spring dandelion and the wet leaves smell of dried straw and cooked asparagus with a brighter and thinner cup than our Organic Woojeon Green Tea. PS - If you like Sencha Green, then try this tea! It is a great alternative for someone looking to replace their Sencha with a new organic tea or want to mix it up.

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All Your Tea-Infused Holiday Favorites Are Back - Plus Two

Believe it or not the holiday season is just around the corner. This year Arbor Teas is has brought back all of its usual holiday treats plus two new ones: Our gourmet Tea Infused Chocolate Truffles are back for the holidays! We have offered these tasty little treats during the holiday season for 5 years in [...]

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Two Extremely RARE and Delicious Organic Green Teas - Grown Right Here in USA!

Over the years, we have received many requests for an organic USA-grown green tea. But, unfortunately our search was fruitless because the United States is not an ideal tea growing location. The 5 traditional tea producing nations ( China, India, Japan, Sri Lanka and Taiwan) have specific climates and soils that are perfect for tea growth [...]

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NEW Tea-Infused Smoky Caramels & NEW Coconut Rooibos Truffle!

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Adding 3 New Organic Oolongs & 1 New Organic Pu-erh to our Catalog!

We are delighted to announce the addition of 4 new wonderful teas to the Arbor Teas catalog. 3 New Organic Oolongs. We’ve been searching high and low for extraordinary organic oolongs and have FINALLY found some. Great oolongs are extremely difficult to find USDA-certified organic, and we are proud to add these gems to our catalog. [...]

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Celebrate National Iced Tea Month with our new Organic Thai Iced Tea

Arbor Teas is celebrating National Iced Tea Month this June by launching a new product, Organic and Fair Trade Certified Thai Iced Tea! Thai Tea (also known as Thai Iced Tea) is a popular iced drink hailing from Thailand, commonly found in Thai restaurants across the USA. Arbor Teas’ Thai Iced Tea is a traditional blend [...]

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They're Back - 'Tis the Season! Holiday Spice Tea & Tea-Infused Truffles!

We are delighted to re-introduce our seasonal favorites -- the ever-popular Organic Holiday Spice Black Tea and one-of-a-kind Tea-Infused Chocolate Truffles!  Only available for the holiday season, these treats are always a hit - add them to your wish list or give as a gift! Organic Holiday Spice Black Tea A perennial favorite for the holiday season [...]

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3 New Green Teas, from 3 Exciting Origins!

We are delighted to introduce three new green teas to our tea selection.  Each from a different origin, these organic and Fair Trade Certified green teas expand our green tea selection into two new countries and offer a wider variety of flavor profiles for our green teas lovers! Organic Five Peaks Green Dew Green Tea With dark [...]

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Dragonwell Tea Production: From Tea Bush to Tea Cup!

Making Dragonwell tea is a complex process: it requires many hours of manual labor, skilled workers, and just the right cultivation methods to produce one of the finest teas in China. The style of Dragonwell tea preparation perfected on Lion Peak Mountain (a mountain in the western part of Zehjiang province) has been emulated by [...]

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Rooibos (aka "Red Tea"): What It Is, and Why We Love It!

In recent years, you’ve probably noticed beverages containing rooibos showing up in stores all over the place. Most of these products are ostensibly “healthy” tea drinks, so we naturally assume that rooibos is good for us – and thankfully, we’re right! We've carried a sizable selection of organic rooibos blends for years, but many people remain [...]

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