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Tips For The Eco-Savvy Tea Lover

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Buying your tea from Arbor Teas is only the first step to enjoying tea in an eco-friendly fashion! Here are a few suggestions to make your tea habit a positive experience for you and the planet:

1) Compost your tea leaves. Even after they've been steeped several times, tea leaves continue to be rich in nutrients which, when composted, can be valuable additions to gardens and potted plants. Just save your used tea leaves in a small container on the kitchen counter, and periodically toss them into your backyard compost bin!

2) Recycle you tea packaging. Our paperboard canisters are specially-designed to be completely recyclable - just punch out the top and bottom and flatten (if your community requires it) and toss it into the paper recycling bin!

3) Heat only the amount of water you need. Water takes a tremendous amount of energy to bring to a boil, so be conservative when filling the kettle! By heating only the amount of water you plan to use, you can keep your energy consumption to a minimum.

4) Try cold-brewing your iced tea. Most households in America have a refrigerator plugged in at all times, so why not take advantage of it? Next time you're making some iced tea, consider leaving the stove off and cold-brewing it in the fridge! It's going to be on anyway, right? Admittedly, cold-brewed tea has a slightly different flavor profile than normal, hot-brewed tea, but if you're making lots and lots of iced tea each week, this could be a modest energy-saver. Just put an infuser of your favorite tea leaves in a pitcher of water in the fridge for 10 to 12 hours (basically overnight). Remove the leaves when you've reached the desired strength, and you're ready to go!

Got another idea? Leave a comment on this post or e-mail it to us at Green-Up@ArborTeas.com!