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Help Us Grow

Help Arbor Teas GrowIf you’re anywhere near as excited as we are about our little tea company, perhaps you’d consider helping us grow! There’s just so many ways you can make a difference:

Tell a Friend about Arbor Teas!

Chances are you know a few people who are into really good organic tea like you. Don’t you think they’d like to know about the exceptional products you’ve come to know and love at ArborTeas.com? Every product on our site includes a link to “Share” - so don’t be shy, spread the word!

Interact with Us on Twitter!

Take the time to follow us on Twitter.com/ArborTeas – make sure to tag us in a tweet and say hi! We've got a ton of interesting info on tea, organics, fair trade and sustainability just waiting for you there! If you're feeling inspired, consider tweeting about one of our blog posts with a link, include us in a list, or tag us in a #FollowFriday tweet!

Get Social with Arbor Teas on Facebook!

Make sure you ‘like’ our company page, and suggest it to your friends! To help keep your social circle up to speed about our goings on, consider tagging us in a status update by typing ‘@ArborTeas’ and clicking our name in the drop-down box. You might also consider linking to a blog article in a status update, or posting a picture of a freshly brewed cup of tea on our wall!

Write a Review at an Online Tea Community!

There are many new online communities focused on tea connoisseurship that are catching on fast! If you have a minute, you can write a quick ‘tasting note’ for any of our teas on one of these communities.  Here are a few online tea communities that we know of: Steepster.com; RateTea.com; and TeaAdvisor.com.  Afterwards, make sure to tweet or update your Facebook status with a link to your review!

Get Savvy on Our Blog!

Take some time to check out the Arbor Teas blog and comment on a post! Or if you're a fellow blogger, consider using our articles as a source of information and linking back to us. If you think we're worthy, we’d be incredibly grateful if you added us to your blogroll!

Suggest Ways We Can Improve!

Every so often, we come up with a good idea that makes Arbor Teas just a little bit better. But over the years, we’ve found that many of our best ideas have come from our customers. So don’t delay, you might have just thought of our next bright idea! E-mail us at: info@ArborTeas.com

Sport an Arbor Teas’ T-shirt!

Nothing shows your support for Arbor Teas like walking down the sidewalk wearing a hip Arbor Teas T-shirt. So how about buying an Arbor Teas T-Shirt today?!

Review Arbor Teas’ Products on Our Website!

We've already told you what we think about each product on the Arbor Teas website. Now, we want to hear what you think! You can find a link to write a review on every product page under the reviews tab. Plus, you can earn 10 Arbor Teas Rewards points for every published review, but please know that we reserve the right to withhold rewards points for reviews that lack substance. In other words, even though we love it when you say "It's great!", that's not all you can say to earn the 10 points! Please be sure to input the same name in your review as the one on your Arbor Teas account for the rewards points to be properly credited to your account.

Add the Arbor Teas Blog RSS Feed to Your Website!

Keep you and your web visitors current on the latest news and information on tea from Arbor Teas. Click here to subscribe to the Arbor Teas Blog RSS Feed.

Link to Arbor Teas from Your Blog or Website!

Introduce your readers to your favorite little tea company by linking to us. Maybe your visitors are really into green tea - a link to our green tea category page might be just the ticket. Or perhaps you’d like to share info on how to brew the perfect cup with the rest of the cyber world – well, you can link to that too!