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Switching from Coffee

Like Coffee, Tea Offers
a Ritual of Treating Oneself
to a Delicious Drink.

Switching from Coffee

Many of our customers began drinking tea because they were told to eliminate coffee from their diet by a health professional or chose to do so for personal reasons. Tea, like coffee, offers a ritual of treating oneself to a delicious drink and satisfying that yearning for a daily hot beverage.  

For customers who are switching from coffee to tea, we recommend trying our pu-erh teas.  These dark-colored teas brew to (almost) the same color as coffee and have a similar mouth feel.  Many coffee lovers find these thicker, mellower brews to be the most akin to coffee, despite their obvious difference in taste. Be advised that pu-erh tea has a unique smell that is surprising at first, but it soon becomes a welcome friend.  Check out our easy step-by-step guide on How to Brew Loose Leaf Tea.

If you were a daily consumer of cafe lattes or cappuccinos, consider making a tea latte.  This variation on the traditional latte may satisfy your desire for a milk-based drink without the coffee.  Check out our easy step-by-step guide on How to Make a Tea Latte.