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Tea Subscriptions

Automatically Receive
Your Favorite Tea Every Month!

Tea Subscriptions

We're sorry, our tea subscription service is currently unavailable. We are still trying to work out some technical difficulties - arg!

Our tea subscription service is easy and is available for purchase with (almost) every tea.  Simply select the subscription purchase option of your favorite tea, and a bulk size of that tea will be mailed to you every month.  Subscription teas are mailed the first of every month.  Your FIRST subscription tea will be mailed immediately after you submit your initial order.  Every month thereafter, your tea will be mailed to you on the first of the month. If your initial order was near the end of the month, this may result in two packages of bulk tea mailed shortly after one another.  Please note: tea subscription deliveries in the City of Ann Arbor, Michigan will be made on the first FRIDAY of every month.

Monthly Recurring Credit Card Charge
After your initial order and payment, your credit card will be charged monthly for the price of the tea plus our base shipping fee of $5.25.  Shipping is free if the price of the bulk tea is more than $60 or you subscribe to multiple teas and your total subscription is more than $60.  Shipping is also free for all deliveries in the City of Ann Arbor, Michigan. 

Rewards Points
If you purchase your tea subscription while logged into your account, you will continue to earn rewards points for each monthly delivery.  However, if you purchase your tea subscription as a “guest”, you will not accrue rewards points for your tea subscription purchases.

Limited Availability
Some of our teas are grown and manufactured in micro batches and we cannot guarantee their availability throughout the year.  As a result, we are not able to offer these teas as part of our subscription service. 

Cancelling Your Tea Subscription
When you order a tea subscription from Arbor Teas, we will continue to ship your tea selection every month until you tell us otherwise!  To stop your tea subscription, simply email us at info@arborteas.com or login into your Arbor Teas account and send us a message cancelling your subscription.