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Makaibari Tea Estate Ravaged by Cyclone Aila; Needs Your Help!

Makaibari Relief

On May 25, 2009, Cyclone Aila made landfall in southern Bangladesh and eastern India. The Times of India reported that the storm took an unusual turn directly to the north, causing it to rip through areas rarely affected by tropical storms, including the famed Makaibari Tea Estate in India’s Darjeeling region. A relief effort is underway to help the managers, workers and families at Makaibari who were affected by Cyclone Aila, and Arbor Teas has committed to raising whatever funds it can to assist in rebuilding effort.

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Who’s Afraid of a Little Snow?

You know that saying about the postal service, “neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night…”?  Well the same can be said doubly for our package courier, Dave Askins (aka Homeless Dave) – because he does it on a bike!  Every day, Dave and his bicycle-powered hauling company, HD Hauling, loads our outbound packages onto his industrial-grade bicycle trailer and hauls them to the post office and other shipping depots.  And we’re not just talking 10 or 20.  More like 60 to 80!

Holiday Orders DeliveredThis holiday, Dave had to contend with somewhat more generous snowfall than we’ve seen in recent years.  And of course, on the morning of our last day of shipping for Christmas Eve delivery, we got a major dump. Even before the City could clear the streets, Dave arrived to haul away the last of our holiday deliveries.  And although many, MANY cars and trucks found themselves mired in the snowy mess that day, our packages made it through the first leg of their jouney to our customers safe and sound.

By hiring HD Hauling to help our packages reach their destinations, we not only support a cool local endeavor, but it stands as one more small way we’re working to reduce the carbon footprint of this little tea company of ours. So, next time you place your order with Arbor Teas, think of Dave!

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Introducing The Latest Member of the Arbor Teas Team

Arthur LopatinArbor Teas is happy to announce the birth of our son, Arthur S. Lopatin, on July 27, 2008. Arthur will fill the newly-created position of Director of Time Management. In between naps and feedings, Arthur’s primary responsibilities will involve improving the efficiency of all aspects of the Arbor Teas operation, and reducing the labor necessary to run the company to allow more time for his upbringing. In all seriousness, it has been our pleasure to share our first “baby” (aka, Arbor Teas) with all of you, and we’re thrilled to share the birth of our son, as well.

Arbor Teas. Growing a better tea company… literally!

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Earth Day Reflections on Sustainability with the Dalai Lama

His Holiness the 14th Dalai LamaAs part of this year’s Earth Day activities in the City of Ann Arbor, His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama delivered a special Peter M. Wege Lecture on Sustainability. It was sponsored by the University of Michigan Office of the President and by the Center for Sustainable Systems in the School of Natural Resources and Environment. As an alumnus of the School of Natural Resources, I was very fortune in being able to get tickets for Aubrey and I to attend.  His Holiness has long held views on the subject of the environment and has talked about it in the past. One prior address carried these statements:

“We are also being drawn together by the grave problems we face: overpopulation, dwindling natural resources, and an environmental crisis that threatens our air, water, and trees, along with the vast number of beautiful life forms that are the very foundation of existence on this small planet we share. I believe that to meet the challenge of our times, human beings will have to develop a greater sense of universal responsibility. Each of us must learn to work not just for his or her own self, family or nation, but for the benefit of all mankind. Universal responsibility is the real key to human survival. It is the best foundation for world peace, the equitable use of natural resources and, through concern for future generations, the proper care of the environment.”

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Welcome to SustainabiliTEA — the new Arbor Teas blog!

After months of hard work, we are very happy to announce the launch of our new site:! With the launch of the new site, it was important to us to increase the level and frequency of communication with our customers and the broader tea-loving world, so we’ve also created SustainabiliTEA, the official weblog of Arbor Teas. Here you can expect to find info on new developments at Arbor Teas (like new products or content), as well as discussions about the sorts of things we spend our time dwelling on — like the world of tea, sustainable living, organics, fair trade, etc. Please tell us if there are other topics you’re interested in related to our mission of providing the most sustainable teas in the most sustainable fashion.

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