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Two Extremely RARE and Delicious Organic Green Teas – Grown Right Here in USA!

Over the years, we have received many requests for an organic USA-grown green tea. But, unfortunately our search was fruitless because the United States is not an ideal tea growing location. The 5 traditional tea producing nations (China, India, Japan, Sri Lanka and Taiwan) have specific climates and soils that are perfect for tea growth and production. With the exception of a few successful (and many more unsuccessful) tea gardens on mainland USA, tea production in the USA has been fairly non-existent. Further, an organic certified tea garden has been unheard of.

Until Now!

Recently, Hawaii has begun to make its mark in the tea world. With support from the University of Hawaii, tea production in Hawaii has been encouraged and developed. When we found a USDA Organic Certified tea garden on the Big Island we couldn’t have been more thrilled. Cultivated on the misty slopes of the tallest mountain in the Pacific Ocean, this tea is harvested and manufactured in micro-lots on the Mauna Kea Tea Farm in Hawaii. Its namesake, Mauna Kea (pronounced “MOUN-na KAY-a”), means “white mountain” and provides a rich base of volcanic soil for this small, family-owned tea farm tucked away at 2,000 ft above sea level on the Hamakua Coast of the Big Island.

Organic Hawaii Premium Green TeaOrganic Hawaii Premium Green Tea
Handpicked from the newest spring growth and pan-fired, this Premium Hawaiian Organic Green Tea is a work of art. Each dried twist reminds of a bonsai limb artfully created to reveal the whole leaf and bud. The brew is a beautifully clear, light yellow-green that is subtly complex: delicate; smooth; buttery; green; and sweet. Enjoy the slight dryness felt on the backend and note how it becomes more astringent as it cools. A USA-grown green tea that can stand up to its international counterparts — a true delight!

Organic Hawaii Sweet Roast Green TeaOrganic Hawaii Sweet Roast Green Tea
The Organic Sweet Roast Green Tea is selectively harvested, processed, and roasted to accentuate its naturally sweet character, reduce astringency, and add a slight roasted quality that hints at grilled sweet corn. Easy to prepare and easy to drink, the Sweet Roast is a popular drink in Hawaiian Farmer’s Markets and is delicious hot or iced. The wet leaves smell of sweet hay and create a brothy, vegetal cup that has a bright note felt at the back of the throat.

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3 New Green Teas, from 3 Exciting Origins!

3 New Green Teas
We are delighted to introduce three new green teas to our tea selection.  Each from a different origin, these organic and Fair Trade Certified green teas expand our green tea selection into two new countries and offer a wider variety of flavor profiles for our green teas lovers!

Organic Five Peaks Green Dew Green Tea
With dark green, needle-like leaves that are finely rolled, this Chinese organic and Fair Trade Certified tea has a light-bodied brew with low astringency, a slight sweetness, a kelp-like vegetal quality and a lingering, pleasant aftertaste. For those of you who remember our Jing Mai Green Tea, this Organic Five Peaks Green Dew Green Tea is the closest equivalent we have found!  It is also a nice alternative for those looking to replace a Japanese Green Tea with one from a new origin.

Organic Idulgashinna Estate Ceylon Green Tea
A balanced cup for all green tea drinkers, our organic and Fair Trade Certified green tea from the Indulgashinna Estate in Sri Lanka is not too vegetal and not too fruity. Manufactured in the Uva region in eastern Sri Lanka, our Organic Idulgashinna Estate Ceylon Green Tea is from one of the well-known Staasen group of plantations, about 3300-6500 feet in elevation.  It withstands multiple infusions quite well and has a pleasant sweet note with a clean finish.

Organic Makaibari Estate Green Tea
This Fair Trade Certified organic green tea is another example of the wonderful offerings coming out of the Makaibari Estate in India. Biodynamically farmed in India’s Darjeeling district, the Organic Makaibari Estate Green Tea exhibits many of the same qualities as the black teas of this region, but with an unoxidized leaf. The varying leaf colors (ranging from green to brown to white) produce an easy-to-drink cup that exhibit slight lemony, vegetal and earthy qualities akin to other Darjeeling teas.

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Majority of Darjeeling Tea Estates to Go Organic

Makaibari Tea EstateAs published in India’s national newspaper, The Hindu, the Darjeeling Tea Association (DTA) has mounted efforts to increase the production of organic tea so that the majority of the “champagne of teas” is organically produced by 2010.  Currently, about 37% of the total crop grown in this famous region is organic.  “Efforts are on now to cover at least two more gardens that contribute 13% of the total yield under the organic cultivation norms,” a source at the DTA told The Hindu.

It takes about three years to convert a garden from conventional plantation to an organic one. This involves not only a total ban on chemical fertilizers and pesticides but there are also restrictions on the use of some natural items. “For instance, use of tobacco extracts for pest control, is not allowed,” sources said. Pointing out that the movement toward organic production of teas started about 15 years ago, Darjeeling sources said that it commanded a huge premium in the international market.

Happily, we carry a variety of teas from one of Darjeeling’s finest organic estates, Makaibari, including organic first and second flush darjeeling black teas, an organic oolong, and organic silver tips white tea.  If you haven’t already, you need to find out what’s so special about these teas right away!

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