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A Quick Guide to Choosing the Right Teapot

Ceramic Stump TeapotThe holiday season is fast approaching, and what better gift to give your favorite tea lover than a high-quality, well-selected teapot? You could just buy whatever’s on sale and call it a day, or you could do a little research and get just the right teapot for your tea enthusiast to make that perfect cup of tea. Kick-start your search right here with our teapot selection guide!

So Many Teapots, So Little Time

In your quest for the perfect teapot, you’re likely to encounter an incredible variety of styles and materials suited to different needs. While there are many compelling reasons to buy one teapot or another, we believe that the material the teapot is made from is among the most important.

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November 11 2010 | Tea Preparation and Teaware | 1 Comment »