Arbor Teas’ Co-Founder Interviewed on a “Tea”ter-Totter!

Jeremy on the Teeter-Totter

In advance of our upcoming trip to the World Tea Expo this week, I had the pleasure (and privilege) to be interviewed by Ann Arbor’s very own Homeless Dave.  But here’s the thing… Homeless Dave conducts all of his interviews on an adult-sized teeter-totter!  The interviews are then transcribed and posted to his website, Teeter Talk.  Since I’ll be participating in a panel discussion on social and environmental responsibility at the World Tea Expo, Dave and I spent a bit of time talking about Arbor Teas social and environmental commitments, as well as many tangentially-related topics.  Click here to the read the interview!

May 28 2008 02:39 pm | Green Business and Media

One Response to “Arbor Teas’ Co-Founder Interviewed on a “Tea”ter-Totter!”

  1. Lesa on 27 Jun 2008 at 12:18 pm #

    I just got done reading your interview with homeless Dave and it was great. The conversation was so totally you. I shared parts of the article with Sharon here at work and we both started to reminisce about Jeremy stories. Just so you know you are missed here at Green Oak. Oh the story we like the best is the bi..otch story. Hope everything is going well for both of you and please don’t forget to let us know when the baby arrives.

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