The 2010 First Flush Darjeeling is Here!

This is always an exciting time of the year at Arbor Teas, as we welcome the arrival of the 2010 Makaibari First Flush Darjeeling! The first flush harvest is the first picking of 2010, and marks the beginning of the new tea season in India. This year’s First Flush is outstanding – a major improvement over last year’s drought-ridden crop – with a very dry mouth feel that has nuances of green and black tea that is slightly flowery, with fruity notes of Muscat grape. Truly a delight, it perfectly represents the “champagne” of Indian tea. This outstanding tea is Fair Trade Certified, and organic & biodynamically farmed at the Makaibari estate in India’s Darjeeling district. Established in 1859, Markaibari is the oldest estate in Darjeeling, where a strong commitment to sustainable farming prevails.  

Please Note: We recommend infusing this tea with a slightly lower water temperature and shorter steeping time than that of other black teas (maybe 2-3 minutes at 180 degrees F).

June 30 2010 12:38 pm | Products

2 Responses to “The 2010 First Flush Darjeeling is Here!”

  1. Linda on 09 Aug 2010 at 10:08 am #

    After a chance taste of Darjeeling at work, I fell in love with this tea. It is really the reason I found Arbor Teas, having searched for a place to buy Darjeeling and Oolong. It truly is the champagne of teas, and transports me to “tea heaven” with every cup.

  2. Eli on 09 Aug 2010 at 2:20 pm #

    And! At only 33 cents per serving (23 if you order bulk) this is a much better habbit to form that Champagne!

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