Study From Portugal: Green Tea ‘Promising Agent’ in Kidney Cancer

Green TeaJust released by the World Tea News (Monday, April 12, 2010):

“Researchers at the University of Porto in Portugal have concluded a study indicating that green tea may be an effective anticancer agent for renal cell carcinoma (or RCC), the most common type of kidney cancer in adults and one of the most deadly.

The team noted RCC’s resistance to chemotherapy and radiotherapy, the resulting urgency to explore the potential of other therapies and the potential for managing other types of cancer that green tea and tea polyphenols have demonstrated in other studies.

With this in mind, the researchers set out to analyze the antiproliferative effect of an antioxidant-rich green tea extract on human renal cancer cell lines. They found that “green tea extract strongly inhibited the growth of both RCC cell lines in a concentration-dependent manner,” stated an abstract of the findings. “This is the first report showing that green tea is likely to be an effective anticancer agent for renal cell carcinoma.”

A report from the research will appear in the September 2010 issue of the scientific journal Food Chemistry.”

April 15 2010 01:54 pm | Tea and Health

2 Responses to “Study From Portugal: Green Tea ‘Promising Agent’ in Kidney Cancer”

  1. Danny Smith on 09 Aug 2010 at 5:53 pm #

    I love the taste of green tea, and now that I have found a safe (CO2) version, I am really happy. I look forward to getting my order.

  2. Susie on 14 Aug 2010 at 12:10 pm #

    I have been a coffee drinker for years, but it always gave me indigestion…and I added horrible stuff to it to make it palatable. Then I tried tea last summer and I am hooked. Not only is it better for me, it does not bother my stomach, it does not get me wired (unless I drink it at night!), and it does not need all the cream and sweeteners to make it taste good. So I know this is healthier for me!

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