Tea Term of the Month: “Mixed-Grading”

Sencha Green Tea

Refers to a characteristic of certain loose leaf teas which are intentionally composed of a variety of particle sizes, or “grades,” unlike most orthodox teas where uniformity of leaf size is a priority. Mixed grading is a trait that is fairly exclusive to Japanese green teas. The combination of large and small tea leaves and leaf fragments results in a heartier infusion, with more body and somewhat greater bitterness, which is preferred by many Japanese tea drinkers. To get a really authentic example of a Japanese green tea with mixed grading, give our organic Sencha Green Tea a try today!

September 30 2009 10:31 am | Tea Terms

One Response to “Tea Term of the Month: “Mixed-Grading””

  1. Jason Witt on 04 Oct 2009 at 4:00 pm #

    Ah. I’ve learned something today. The Japanese sure do tea right. The word that crosses my mind to describe Sencha like yours is “benign.” It’s just not bad in any way. No matter what size the leaf is. :-) –Teaternity

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