Please note: our ability to accept new auto delivery orders has been temporarily disabled. We're sorry and hope to get it back up and running soon! In the meantime, current auto delivery orders will continue as normal!

Picture your favorite teas delivered exactly when you want them: on your doorstep, without even having to think about placing another order before you get to the bottom of the bag. To make that vision a reality, we’re happy to offer the Arbor Teas Auto-Delivery service! Make your tea habit even easier with our simple process.

Arbor Teas Auto-Delivery:
1. Your favorite tea delivered automatically
2. Select the frequency and quantity that best fits your needs
3. Change your preferences at any time
4. Receive automatic email reminders before each delivery
5. Cancel at any time

How Does it Work?


The Arbor Teas Auto-Delivery program is easy! Simply place an order for your favorite tea and select: “Deliver Every 1 Month”; “Deliver Every 2 Months”; or “Deliver Every 3 Months”. Once you complete your initial order, we will charge your credit card and ship your first order. On the same date every 1, 2, or 3 months thereafter, we will automagically repeat the credit card charge and repeat the delivery. Easy as that! For items under $60, we will add a $4.95 shipping charge to each order. For items over $60, you will receive free shipping.

Do I Need an Arbor Teas Account to Sign Up for Auto-Delivery?


Yes, you will need to have an Arbor Teas account in order to take advantage of our Auto-Delivery services. If you do not already have an Arbor Teas account, you can easily create one during checkout. If you prefer to check out as a guest, you can continue to do so for all non-Auto-Delivery purchases.

Are All Arbor Teas Products Available for Auto-Delivery?


No. We’re sorry, none of our teaware is available for Auto-Delivery and several of our teas and herbs are not available with the Auto-Delivery option. Unavailable teas and herbs tend to be items that are limited or hard to secure. As a result, we cannot guarantee constant availability. Sorry!

How Much is Shipping for Auto-Deliveries?


Shipping is a flat rate of $4.95 for every shipment. Or, if your item is over $60, it’s free! If you live in Ann Arbor and select “Free Delivery in the City of Ann Arbor, MI” your shipping is also free.

I Live in Ann Arbor. Can I Take Advantage of Your Auto-Delivery Program?


Absolutely! Your order will be treated just like every other Auto-Delivery order. However, instead of shipping your tea we will hand deliver your order to your doorstep along with our other in-town deliveries on the Friday immediately after your recurring order date. Please be sure to select the shipping option “Free Delivery in the City of Ann Arbor, MI” during checkout.

What Payment Methods May I Use For an Auto-Delivery Order?


We can accept all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover) for Auto-Delivery orders via our website.  Currently, we cannot accept Paypal for Auto-Delivery orders. Sorry! However, all non-Auto-Delivery (or One Time) purchases may use Paypal as a checkout method in addition to all other payment methods.  

Can I Update My Shipping Address?


Yes, you have full control to update your shipping address at any time by simply logging into your Arbor Teas account. If you are unable to update your address before shipment of an Auto-Delivery item, please contact us at or call us at 734-994-7698. We will do our best to retrieve your tea. However, some additional shipping fees may occur.

Can I Update My Credit Card Information?


Yes, you can update or replace your credit card details at any time by simply logging into your Arbor Teas account.

I’m Going on Vacation - Can I Pause or Skip an Auto-Delivery?


Yes, you may pause or skip one delivery at a time.  Simply contact us at Arbor Teas at 734-994-7698 or via our Contact Us form.  Your Auto-Delivery will automatically re-set to your chosen frequency after the skipped delivery.

When Will You Charge My Credit Card and Ship My Order?


Your credit card will be charged immediately upon placing your first order. On the same date every 1, 2 or 3 months thereafter, your credit card will be charged again. Your order will be shipped within 1-2 business days of the charge. For example, if you placed your first Auto-Delivery order on June 15, and requested delivery every 1 month. Your credit card will be charged next on July 15, and then again on August 15. Your order will be shipped within 1-2 business days of each recurring charge. If your recurring date does not exist in an upcoming month (for example the 31st), your credit card charge will be adjusted to the day after and permanently remain on that new date thereafter.

Can I Change My Recurring Shipping Date for Future Deliveries?


Yes, you can change the shipping date for future Auto Deliveries by getting in touch with us at 734-994-7698 or via our Contact Us form. Please note, this will also change the date your credit card will be charged.

Can I Place An Order for an Item with Auto-Delivery and Another Item with a One-Time Purchase?


Yes, you can purchase a one-time purchase item and an Auto-Delivery item at the same time. However, they must be shipped to the same shipping address. After your initial order, you can adjust your shipping address for future auto-deliveries.

Can I Order Multiple Teas for an Auto-Delivery?


Yes! You can include as many teas as you would like for your Auto-Delivery.

How Do I Cancel My Auto-Delivery?


You can cancel your Auto-Delivery at any time by simply logging into your Arbor Teas account and navigating to the "Orders" tab. Click on the "Subscriptions" section to cancel your auto-delivery.