Bonjour Milk Frother

Manual milk frother for perfect tea lattes at home

Bonjour Milk Frother
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Bonjour Milk Frother


The tea latte has gained popularity all across North America. With this manual milk frother, tea and chai lattes can be yours in the comfort of your own home. Better yet, you don't need a battery or electrical outlet to make this frother work. Powered by your own arm, this small and lightweight frother has a patented frother insert that dependably froths your milk in no time.

Similar to a cappuccino, the tea latte combines frothy milk with a concentrated brew of tea. To froth your milk, simply pour milk into the frother up to the convenient "fill to" line, place the combined lid/insert on the frother, and pump the insert/sieve up and down while holding the lid in place. You can pre-heat your milk before pouring it into the frother or you can heat your milk while in the frother in the microwave (minus the lid and insert). One of our most convenient loose leaf tea accessories, this frother comfortably froths 5 oz milk and the insert comes apart for easy cleaning.

Made in Taiwan.

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    Bodum Milk Frother

    Posted by Lisa Faiella on 25th Oct 2007

    This simple gadget is easy to store to use and to clean. Much more convenient than the huge frother machines. We use ours for both coffees and teas. It's a great way to spruce up your hot beverages. Your guests will be impressed. Love this product.

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