Support Local Libraries with Every Purchase!

Treat yourself to your favorite cup of tea or give the gift of tea and support libraries while you do it! We have teamed up with EveryLibrary to help ensure that all Americans have access to libraries, books, and information. Purchase your tea from using the coupon code “EveryLibrary2020” and Arbor Teas will send 10% of the proceeds to EveryLibrary to help them support libraries across the country!

Coupon Code: EveryLibrary

Every year millions of Americans use their public libraries. Today, we rely on libraries for so much more than books and reading. We use public computers to apply for jobs and learn new skills, we use the library’s co-working spaces to start new businesses, new parents get the support they need, and children learn to love reading so they can get ahead in school and succeed later in life. Libraries give people the resources they need to improve their lives, and that’s a cause worth standing behind.

EveryLibrary believes that every American should have the right to get ahead in life. That’s why they support libraries across the country and fight against library closures and defunding measures. EveryLibrary provides libraries with the pro-bono support, tools, tactics, and resources that they need to stay open and well-funded. As a 501(c)4 for libraries, they work to educate voters and politicians about the importance and need for libraries in small towns and large cities.

This partnership between EveryLibrary and Arbor Teas builds on our continuing support of the literary community. We first partnered with our hometown library to support the Ann Arbor District Library’s Summer Game 2017, a points-based program that rewards reading and library use. In 2016, we created The Arbor Teas Summer Reading Series which commissions an original work of fiction by a different author each year. Released one chapter per week, each serialized novel is meant to be enjoyed all summer long by tea-lovers and non tea-lovers alike.

Give the gift of books, education, and success by purchasing your teas through Arbor Teas using the “EveryLibrary” Coupon code today!