Matcha Sieve

Perfectly shaped sieve for making a smooth bowl of matcha

Matcha Sieve
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Matcha Sieve

This matcha sieve is a necessary tea accessory for the matcha enthusiast who seeks a smooth and velvety bowl of matcha. The sieve’s extra fine mesh helps to prevent clumping of the matcha powder, and its wide flat base (as opposed to a narrow pointed basket) allows you to easily work the matcha through the sieve. Simply rest this sieve on top of your matcha bowl and scoop your matcha directly onto it. Using a spoon or bamboo chasaku, gently sift the matcha through the sieve to create a truly beautiful organic matcha powder that is ready for whisking and produces a clump-free drink.

Made of 18/8 high quality, rust proof stainless steel, this matcha sieve is designed to rest comfortably on top of most matcha bowls without worry of tipping.

A portion of the proceeds for this item go to C-CAP (Careers through Culinary Arts Program)!

Dishwasher safe.

Measurements: mesh sieve 2.5 inches diameter, length (including handle and lip) 7.25 inches.

Made in China. 

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    Posted by David Kirk on 22nd Dec 2021

    After receiving my new Aslakson macha bowel, I rushed to the kitchen looking for the wire mesh strainers I had on the cabinet. Yes - selected the smallest and it worked ok. However, these are from the 40's and are not SS and are very grey now. I really wanted a new shinny one ! That day I ordered the sieve and was impressed with the design (simplicity), weight, and how it did the job. This past year I have deviated in how I use it. I do not use a wood scoop moving it back and forth. Instead, I move the sieve back and forth gently making a slight ringing sound. This works for me and has the added benefit of a pleasant efficient action of reducing the mancha to a fine powder and a soothing sound. dk+

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