ForLife Stump Teapot

Fun and fashionable teapot in a variety of colors

ForLife Stump Teapot
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ForLife Stump Teapot


The fun and fashionable Stump Teapot, complete with nesting infuser, lets you brew your tea in style! Designed for brewing 2 cups of tea, the Stump Teapot's stainless steel infuser gives you a perfect brew every time, and has an easy-to-use stainless-steel lid. If you keep multiple teapots, the stackable design saves storage space. The teapot and infuser are dishwasher-safe. These playful teapots are available in Blue, Lime, Orange, Red, Turquoise, and White.

Holds 18 oz.

Made in China.

Tested and meets or exceeds FDA, EC, and California Proposition 65 standards.

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  • 5
    Stump Teapot

    Posted by Carly B on 12th Jan 2021

    This teapot is perfect for my two daily cups of spearmint. It’s the perfect size, it keeps the tea warm for a long time, and it’s easy to pour without spills. I love that it’s dishwasher safe, and it’s super cute and stylish next to my other kitchen appliances. Definitely a great purchase!

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    Wonderful Teapot

    Posted by Catherine Worley on 25th Mar 2018

    I love my stump teapot! It makes the perfect amount of tea for me to sip before going to work. The features are perfect! I use a cozy that I made to keep it warm while I am getting ready for work and it does quite well! I wonder what took so long to buy one

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    Smart design

    Posted by Carol L. on 26th Dec 2016

    Smart design makes all the difference, especially when it leads to increased pleasure during use. Not only is this teapot fun to look at, with its "I'm a Little Teapot" song lyrics applying ("short and stout") but it provides a tactile experience that enhances the pleasure of drinking tea. The handle shape, the balance, the way the lid functions... it all contributes to letting your hands and eyes have a fun time while your taste buds enjoy the tea-drinking experience unimpaired. And the white color is not stark, but slightly creamy, lending a visual softness. A totally worthwhile purchase.

  • 5
    Happy I Took a Chance

    Posted by Christine on 10th Feb 2015

    I'm a tactile shopper when it comes to kitchen products. I like to see items in person, touch them, and investigate them first hand. I needed a teapot that could be used to steep tea in my room. I wanted something that would enable me to use loose leaf teas and tea bags. I was also looking for a teapot that would keep the tea hot for a period of time. Based on other reviews I decided that the Stump was worth a try. I have now used it to brew Arbor Teas Organic Gyokuro, Mighty Leaf Oolong, and Teavana Earl Grey. Each was a success. The removable stainless basket is convenient. And the ceramic body retains heat nicely. I suggest using a coaster under it if placing it on delicate surfaces. I do recommend this teapot. For myself I am able to get two to three cups of tea per pot, depending on the size of my mug.

  • 5
    A Great Treat

    Posted by Tammy on 11th Dec 2014

    I decided to treat myself with this teapot. It is now a daily staple. It is the perfect size and is a breeze to clean up. The lime green color always brings a smile to my face and this is dirty! It has held up in the dishwasher and even taking a few hits but keeps going strong! I'm not saying that this is unbreakable but I am saying this is a quality product!

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    Love This Little Teapot

    Posted by Janet Binion on 19th Aug 2014

    I've been brewing loose tea for over ten years in a couple of two-cup Chatsford teapots. Finally I decided it was time to stop pouring boiling water onto the plastic and nylon mesh insert, releasing who knows what into my tea. I used my brand-new marine-blue Stump Teapot this morning for the first time, and I love it! It's beautiful. The short spout and attached lid make dripless pouring a cinch, and cleaning the stainless steel insert is quick. I'm seeing an orange Stump Teapot in my future, since most days drink two huge mugs of tea in quick succession.

  • 5
    sooo happy I bought it

    Posted by Julie from Los Angeles on 25th Jan 2014

    I'm new to tea so I bought it to help me make loose tea correctly. With the measurements on the tea packets and using this tea pot the tea came out delicious every time. The teapot color (red) is a very pretty, a deep red. I brought it to work and it got a lot of compliments on it because it is very attractive looking in real life. I was also very pleased with the quality, very sturdy. I have used it 3x a day since I got it.

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    my best friend at work

    Posted by Aga on 1st Nov 2013

    It works great to brew 1+ mug of tea at lunchtime: one serving to have right away, and a refill at the end of the meal. Also it seems to keep the tea warm for quite a bit. I didn't buy it here, but I've had it for about 2 years now and keep raving about it to anyone who would listen. I have it in white, and it's surprisingly easy to clean. I love the strainer too - it is fine, but not mesh, so it is easier to clean as well.

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    Great personal teapot

    Posted by Graham Friday on 29th Mar 2013

    This teapot is a great size for one large cup of tea, and the strainer is very fine which allows you to brew many different types of tea without any leaves getting through the strainer and into the tea. I got it in red, and the color is nice and vibrant. Also, it's nice that the strainer and lid are stainless steel- good quality items.

  • 5
    Just Perfect

    Posted by Sue Chamberlain on 3rd Jan 2013

    This was the best tea pot for my husband. Well me too. We can brew two cups of his Rooibos tea for breakfast and dinner. I was in love with the green one but may have to purchase the orange one. Love the FESTIVE colors

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    I love this little teapot!

    Posted by Cath on 23rd Jan 2012

    Great little one-cup teapot with strainer, which I also use in my larger teapot when I don't want to deal with a tea ball. I received mine in a gift basket a few years ago and haven't been able to find another one like it. Randomly stumbled upon this website, so hurrah!

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    Stump Teapot

    Posted by Steve Telian on 11th Jun 2009

    This little guy is fabulous for brewing two small cups of tea or one big mug to take to work. Easy to handle and clean with less mess in the kitchen for loose leaf tea users!

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