Arbor Teas Double Lid Storage Tin

Sleek containers for airtight tea storage in three sizes

Arbor Teas Double Lid Storage Tin
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Arbor Teas Double Lid Storage Tin


This double lid storage tin has a unique design that seals tight to protect your loose leaf tea from air, light, and moisture. Available in three (3) sizes, this tin comfortably stores any of our teas and may be the most important tea accessory in your kitchen! The copper-colored interior lid is inset and the outer lid effortlessly slides over top. Handmade in Japan, the smooth action of the lid makes this tin super easy to use (and a great option for arthritic hands). Plus, each tin comes with an Arbor Teas label that allows you to write the name of your tea on the sticker - we recommend using a permanent marker.

The small tin accommodates any of our regular-sized teas and the large tin accommodates all of our bulk-sized teas. The medium tin is a nice alternative for storing our denser bulk-sized teas or multiple regular-sized teas.

The tins measure:
Small: 6 inches H x 3 inches D
Medium: 7.5 inches H x 3.5 inches D
Large: 8 inches H x 4 inches D

Made in Japan from lead-free and BPA-free tin-plated steel.


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