Cold Brew Iced Tea Maker

Large glass cold or hot brewed iced tea container

Cold Brew Iced Tea Maker
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Cold Brew Iced Tea Maker


This glass Iced Tea Maker is designed by For Life for making cold-brew iced tea. Simply place your tea leaves in the body of the jug, fill with room temperature water, and place in your refrigerator overnight. This slow brewing technique results in a smooth iced tea that has less astringency. When you are ready to serve, the 0.5 mm hole stainless-steel filter catches tea leaves and gives you smooth pouring. A double ring silicone gasket ensures the lid from falling off when serving. As a plus, the filter and silicone gasket are easy to take apart for cleaning your iced tea brewing equipment.

The body is made of hand-blown borosilicate glass. Dishwasher safe, however we recommend hand washing.

Holds 50 oz.

Made in China.

Tested and meets or exceeds FDA, EC, and California Proposition 65 standards.


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