T Sac Conical Tea Filter

Burnished mesh tea filter for loose leaf tea

T Sac Conical Tea Filter
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T Sac Conical Tea Filter


The T-Sac Conical Tea Filter is an indispensable part of any tea lover's tool kit and offers a more affordable alternative to the Stainless Steel Tea Filter. These handy tea infusers are constructed with a high quality BPA free plastic frame and burnished stainless steel mesh filter. Available in two sizes, the small filter can be used in an individual mug, cup or small teapot, while the large filter is best suited to larger teapots and iced tea pitchers. The lids of these filters double as saucers/drip catchers. Dishwasher safe.

Small: Top rim measures 3.25 inches diameter, bottom measures 1.5 inches diameter, 3.25 inches height.

Large: Top rim measures 4.25 inches diameter, bottom measures 2 inches diameter, 5 inches height.

Made in China.


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