TeaBrew Tea Bags

Do-it-yourself tea bags in four different sizes

TeaBrew Tea Bags
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TeaBrew Tea Bags


Loose leaf tea can be just as convenient as a teabag with these do-it-yourself TeaBrew tea bags! Made from sustainably harvested American and Canadian wood pulp, these 100% natural unbleached paper tea infusers can be used with any of our high quality leaf loose teas. Simply fill the TeaBrew tea bag with your tea of choice, place the TeaBrew in your teapot or teacup, cover with hot water, steep until the brew reaches your desired strength, and remove. Easy as that! Better yet, after they are used the TeaBrew tea bags can go straight into a compost pile along with used tea leaves and our backyard compostable Arbor Teas packaging.

TeaBrew tea bags are available in multiple sizes and are great for everything from a single serving to a large tea pot or iced tea pitcher. They feature a gusseted bottom that allows the tea to expand as it steeps. Each box contains 100 tea filters.

Size 1 is best used for single servings of smaller-sized tea leaves (2.75 x 5 in)

Size 2 can be used for single servings of any size tea leaf or a 1-2 cup teapot (3.25 x 6 in)

Size 3 is sized for 3-5 cup teapots (3.5 x 7.5 in)

Size 4 does the trick for 4-8 cup teapots or large iced tea pitchers (3.75 x 8 in)

Please note: our current inventory of Size 1 and 2 TeaBrew tea bags were manufactured with an opening that was cut on the horizontal (instead of the diagonal as depicted in the photos above).

Made in Canada.


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