Yerba Mate Gift Set

Everything needed to brew up mate for you or a friend

Yerba Mate Gift Set
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Yerba Mate Gift Set

Yerba Mate Gourd

Treat the yerba mate lover in your life to this fun gift set which includes an award-winning silicon gourd (available in 5 bright colors), a metal bombilla (drinking straw), and a 4.5 oz package of our organic yerba mate packaged in our unique backyard compostable bag.

Or better yet, introduce someone new to this delicious brew! Yerba Mate (pronounced YUR-ba MAH-tay) is considered the national beverage across much of South America. The light green leaves of this organic tea yield an earthy, vegetative brew with a distinct herbal quality that contains a natural compound similar to caffeine (called matteine) that is legendary for helping to alleviate fatigue and stress and promoting mental clarity.

Yerba mate is traditionally consumed in a hollowed out calabash gourd using a filtered straw called a "bombilla." However, the gourd included in this gift set is a modern take on the original yerba mate gourd that is not only super convenient, but super cool! This new version is designed to replicate the traditional gourd shape in a decidedly newer and more convenient material. Virtually indestructible, this silicone gourd is pliable, naturally BPA free, naturally anti-microbial, and does not retain flavors. Best of all, this gourd is easy to clean! Simply depress the indent on the bottom of the gourd to push out the used yerba mate leaves when done. If you have ever tried to clean out yerba mate from a calabash gourd, you’ll instantly know how revolutionary this is! Plus, it’s dishwasher safe.

The Yerba Mate Gift Set includes:
* One (1) yerba mate gourd
* One (1) metal bombilla
* One (1) Organic Yerba Mate, regular size (4.5 oz)


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