How to Store Your Tea

Tea is very prone to picking up moisture and scents found in its environment, and can also be impaired by direct sunlight, so proper storage is key. To keep your tea fresh, keep these things in mind:

  • Store your tea in an airtight container to reduce its exposure to moisture.
  • Storage containers should be opaque, unless they’re consistently kept in a dark place like a cabinet.
  • Keep your tea away from strong smelling items such as coffee and spices, as the tea will absorb these scents and start to smell and taste like its surroundings.
  • Do not freeze your tea! Unlike coffee which many people freeze for long term storage, tea does not like to be frozen and the flavor can be harmed by doing so.

How Long Will My Tea Stay Fresh?

When stored properly, Arbor Teas tea and herbs will stay fresh for a year or more after you receive them. After that, the tea will begin to lose flavor at a more appreciable rate. Left in our packaging unopened, your tea will remain fresh for up to one year.

After transferring your tea to a storage container, don’t forget to compost the bag! For more info about our industry-leading backyard compostable packaging check out our compostable packaging page!