Matcha Bowl By The Shore

Handmade ceramic matcha bowl with straight sidewalls and cool bluish-green glaze

Matcha Bowl By The Shore
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Matcha Bowl By The Shore

Swallowtail Pottery

This modern interpretation of a traditional chawan by Barry Braun at Swallowtail Pottery has straight sidewalls, unlike the Matcha Bowl Michigan Sand and Matcha Bowl Tenmoku, which feature an indented thumbprint. The simple yet bold form is meant to highlight the artful glaze and create a perfect shape for whisking matcha.

By The Shore is a soft matte glaze with a fluid character that offers unique variations from piece to piece. The cool bluish-green palette evokes the rippling bodies of water of our very own Michigan Great Lakes. Encompassing hues of pale algal green to ocean blue, the glaze is dotted with brown speckles reminiscent of lakeshore pebbles. Each handmade bowl is truly one of a kind! Make it a matching set and add the Matcha Pouring Bowl in the same beautiful By The Shore glaze.

This bowl is part of our collection of American-made teaware. With a shape and weight that is pleasing to the hand and mouth, our matcha bowls are not only perfect for preparing organic matcha but are also dishwasher and microwave safe (just like our other matcha bowl designs). All glazes are non-toxic and lead-free.

Please note: because each matcha bowl is individually handmade, variations in shape and color do occur and are celebrated!

Color: By The Shore (also available in Volcanic Ash and Quail Egg)

Measurements: 4.5 inches diameter x 3 inches height

Holds approximately 15 oz of liquid.

Made in the USA.

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