Matcha Gift Set

Everything needed for a perfect bowl of matcha - available in 8 colors

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Matcha Gift Set

Whether you are introducing someone to Matcha or gifting to an avid Matcha lover, this gift set will be sure to please! Featuring a regular size of our organic ceremonial grade matcha (Usu-cha), a bamboo matcha whisk, and a handmade artisan matcha bowl, our Matcha Gift Set celebrates one of Japan’s most revered beverages. Matcha is a tea from Japan that is stone ground at the end of the manufacturing process, resulting in an ultra-fine tea powder that is typically whisked in hot water until a frothy consistency is reached, as in the traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony. The resulting brew has gained much attention recently for its purported health benefits and brothy, vegetal flavor.

Our Matcha Gift Set is available with your choice of one of eight Michigan-made matcha bowls so that you can find your "matcha match." All matcha bowls are not only perfect for preparing organic matcha but are also dishwasher and microwave safe. All glazes are non-toxic and lead-free.

Matcha Bowl by Autumn Aslakson - Aqua Drip
This beautiful interpretation of the traditional chawan is the latest creation by Autumn Aslakson of the Ann Arbor Potters Guild. With a slightly rounded wall and low foot, this matcha bowl is designed to comfortably rest cupped in two hands. Its smooth Aqua Drip glaze coats the interior of the bowl spilling over the edge to artfully drip down the exterior. The slightly raised rings at the bottom of the bowl intentionally remind the drinker of its hand thrown nature, while keeping a low enough profile to not impede whisking.

Matcha Bowl by Autumn Aslakson - Burnished Rust and Raw Turquoise
Designed and created by Autumn Aslakson of the Ann Arbor Potters Guild, this beautiful matcha bowl is a lovely interpretation of the traditional chawan. Available in two distinct colors, Burnished Rust offers a smooth metallic, fiery exterior that contrasts nicely with the textured Raw Turquoise, reminiscent of its namesake. Both glazes have a smooth white interior glaze that provides the ideal backdrop for the bright green liquor of matcha, and an exterior glaze that gracefully wraps over the lip of the basin. 

Matcha Bowl with thumbprint by Barry Braun - Michigan Sand and Tenmoku
This stunning interpretation of a traditional chawan by Barry Braun at Swallowtail Pottery differentiates itself from our other matcha bowls by its unique thumbprint. Barry designed each bowl to include a thumb-sized indentation in the sidewall to provide a convenient handholding guide, perfectly positioned for use by the right and left thumb alike. Its straight walls give this matcha bowl a simple and bold visual appeal that is meant to highlight the artful glaze and create a perfect shape for whisking matcha. Available in two distinct glazes: Michigan Sand is glazed with sand collected from Lake Michigan’s iconic beaches, offering a smooth, matte white bowl with a speckled brown texture that is pure Michigan; and Tenmoku (also spelled Temoku or Temmoku) takes its name from the traditional Japanese pottery and highlights a glossy black and reddish-brown glaze.

Matcha Bowl by Barry Braun - By The Shore, Quail Egg, and Volcanic Ash
This modern interpretation of a traditional chawan by Barry Braun at Swallowtail Pottery has straight sidewalls. The simple yet bold form is meant to highlight the artful glaze and is available in three colors: By The Shore, Quail Egg, and Volcanic Ash. By The Shore is a soft matte glaze with a fluid character. The cool blueish-green palette evokes the rippling bodies of water of our very own Michigan Great Lakes. Encompassing hues of pale algal green to ocean blue, the glaze is dotted with brown speckles reminiscent of lakeshore pebbles. Quail Egg is a soft grayish matte glaze, accentuated by muted purple tones and delicate brown speckles. The malleable nature of the glaze creates artistic variations from piece to piece. Volcanic Ash is glazed with historic Mount St Helens ash, hand-collected by Barry and his wife Cate, after the 1980 eruption in Washington State. The ash creates a distinctive dark brown speckling on the glossy olive green base. The exterior lower walls of the matcha bowl are unglazed, for a dynamic textural contrast that emphasizes the beauty of the natural clay.

Please note: because each matcha bowl is individually handmade, variations in shape and color do occur and are celebrated!

Available in Aqua Drip, Burnished Rust, By The Shore, Michigan Sand, Quail Egg, Raw Turquoise, Tenmoku, and Volcanic Ash.

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    matcha gift set

    Posted by Wally Jasper on 28th Mar 2021

    So very pleased I am with this Matcha Gift Set. I got this gift for myself and am enjoying it immensely. The tea is delicious. The bowl: beautiful, perfect size and shape, the color a subdued turquoise, not bright or gaudy, but weathered looking. And I'm glad to have the authentic Japanese whisk. One note: do put the tea powder through a sieve before preparing, as per instructions. I neglected this step the first couple of times and there were small globs of powder that would not break apart even with vigorous whisking. I now put the tea into a fine stainless steel tea strainer and stir it through with a spoon into the bowl. Now the matcha is flawless.

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