Organic Decaf Tea Sampler

Four fine teas without caffeine

fair trade certified certified organic
Organic Decaf Tea Sampler
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Organic Decaf Tea Sampler


Looking for a sampler of premium organic decaf tea? Here are four samples of Fair Trade Certified organic tea that won't disappoint. Arbor Teas uses the Carbon Dioxide (CO2) method for all of its organic decaffeinated teas. We feel that this is the safest form of decaffeination, while retaining the greatest flavor and health benefits. This sampler box includes one sample-sized package of each of the following decaf teas:

Decaf. Earl Grey Black Tea (Fair Trade Certified)

Decaf. English Breakfast Black Tea (Fair Trade Certified)

Decaf. Green Tea (Fair Trade Certified)

Decaf. Tropical Green Tea (Fair Trade Certified)

Our organic tea samplers are an excellent way to explore the wonderful world of loose leaf tea. These boxed samplers also make great gifts!

Each sampler contains four sample-size packets. Depending on the density of the tea, each sample packet can make 2 to 9 cups of tea.

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