Organic Japanese Green Tea Sampler

A selection of fine green teas from Japan

certified organic
Organic Japanese Green Tea Sampler
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Organic Japanese Green Tea Sampler


Explore the rich and varied world of Japanese green tea with this organic Japanese Green Tea Sampler! Relying on moist steam heat during manufacture, Japanese green teas are distinctly different than those of China. This sampler box includes one sample-sized package of each of the following four organic green teas:

Organic Genmaicha Green Tea

Organic Hojicha Green Tea

Organic Kukicha Green Tea

Organic Sencha Green Tea

Our organic loose tea samplers are an excellent way to explore the wonderful world of tea. These boxed samplers also make great gifts!

Each sampler contains four sample-size packets. Depending on the density of the tea, each sample packet can make 2 to 9 cups of tea.

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    Pleasant tea with different taste

    Posted by zinaida Gurtovnik on 22nd Nov 2020

    Thank you so much for offering a sample size!  This gave me  opportunity and a choice what tea I like the most ! I like them all, because they all different    I think this can be everyday tea!  Just like I sat, I liked it all.

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    good introduction to Japanese green teas

    Posted by Andrea Weaver on 16th Nov 2020

    Other than at restaurants, I had never had much experience with Japanese green teas, so I thought that the sampler would be a great way for me to try different kinds without ordering full-size bags. I was glad that I did so, because I really liked two of the kinds enough to order full-size bags. My two favorites are the Genmaicha and the Hojicha, both of which I can drink any time of day without my sleep being affected. I like that Arbor teas has sample sizes, and that the website tells the origins of the various teas.

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    Couldn't wait to get out of bed and try a new one

    Posted by Johanna on 17th Aug 2016

    I had so much fun with this sampler! I've always loved Japanese green teas, but never had a chance to compare them as closely as I could with this pack. The only bit I disliked is the struggle of not ordering them all immediately. I'm trying to pace myself. I ordered a sample of the genmaicha "extra green" at the same time, just for comparison, and those two really do smell like popcorn or toast (I've just bought the regular size). The hojicha reminded me of barley tea, but it's been a long time. The sencha and kukicha are pretty different but, to me, share a kelpy quality. I'm still learning, but I loved everything in this sampler. I highly recommend it!

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    Quality sampler

    Posted by Benjamin Hartwick on 3rd Apr 2015

    All but the Sencha in this tea sampler are teas that I used to drink on occasion well over ten years ago, so I got this to help refresh my memory and narrow down the teas I wanted to order more of. When I first discovered Arbor Teas, I had thought I was going to make a transition from coffee to green tea because, among other things, green tea has less caffeine and, being alkaline, is friendly to the stomach than coffee. When I tried the teas in this sampler, I ultimately concluded that I no longer cared for them, primarily due to their vegetal flavors and that I needed more caffeine than what is provided by a green tea. Nonetheless, the quality of these teas is evident as is the quality of all the teas this friendly, family-owned business offers. If Japanese teas appeal to your or you are simply curious about green tea in general, this is a good way to start, although I would suggest you also order a sample of the Bancha as well. I like that better than any of the teas in this sampler. The Houjicha and Kukicha that are included are excellent if you like those teas. The Sencha is quite vegetal, so vegetal in fact that, at least to my unsophisticated palate, I was surprised that a tea could even be that vegetal (bluck!). I ultimately discovered that I like black, white and oolong teas far more than greens, and this sampler helped me to discover that without spending too much money to do so. I’m giving this sampler 4 leaves due to the quality, but if I were to rate it simply on my liking of it, I would have to give it only 3 at best.

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    Warning: you might want them all

    Posted by Bill Edwards on 18th Nov 2007

    Don't say I did not warn you. I haven't met a Japanese tea that I don't like. You just have to add Gyokuro to this and you have a great sampling. I am still deciding on my favorites here but all of these teas are quite different from each other and all are delicious in their own way.

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