Organic Chocolate Pu Erh Tea

Rich notes of almond and chocolate, medium body without astringency or bitterness

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Organic Chocolate Pu Erh Tea
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Organic Chocolate Pu Erh Tea


This wonderfully aromatic, organic loose leaf tea combines Pu-erh, a traditional Chinese dark tea, with an American favorite - chocolate and almonds. While Pu-erh teas have grown in popularity in the US because of their smooth rich taste and health benefits, some consumers still do not prefer their unique earthy aroma. Our Organic Chocolate Pu-erh Tea offers the perfect solution! With a rich bouquet of almond and chocolate, this tea brews up dark brown with a medium body that has no astringency or bitterness. The mellow cup tastes earthy with hints of carob and almond. Add a little sugar, to enhance the chocolate flavor! Read our blog post about our trip to Pu Erh, China!

Ingredients: organic Chinese pu-erh tea, organic cacao nibs, and natural chocolate and almond flavors

What are Flavored Teas?


Our delicious flavored teas use the same top-quality organic tea that we offer in our unflavored varieties, but are blended with pieces of real fruit, spices, flowers, and 100% natural flavors. When blending our teas, our goal is to create a cup that balances the taste of the tea with the flavors of the additional ingredients so that neither one overpowers. All of the natural flavors we use are either extracts taken directly from the botanical ingredient, or extracted using 100% GMO-free grain alcohol as a solvent. You can rest assured that none of the flavors used in our blends are synthetically or artificially derived, and do not use artificial preservatives.

Steeping Instructions


At Arbor Teas, we believe tea should be brewed to suit your personal taste. We’re happy to make recommendations to get you started, but don’t hesitate to experiment! When brewing your tea, your main considerations are tea quantity, water temperature, and steeping time. We recommend pu-erh teas to be steeped for 5 to 10 minutes in water heated to a full, rolling boil. For the best flavor, use fresh water whenever possible, and avoid overboiling. Try not to steep your tea longer than necessary, as you’ll extract undesirable bitterness from the leaves.If you want a stronger brew, don’t steep longer, just use more tea. And don’t forget to re-steep your tea leaves to get the most out of your leaf!

Looking for more info? Check out our How-To Guides and Eco-Brewing Tips!

Staff Perspectives

  • Sarah

    "Think dark chocolate rather than milk chocolate, with no bitterness. Add sugar to recreate a dark chocolate Almond Joy or marzipan-like delight!"

  • Jeremy

    "As a Pu-erh tea “purest”, I was hesitant to develop this tea. But I have to admit, that I am pleasantly pleased by the result. Even Pu-erh lovers will enjoy the combination of chocolate, almond, and Pu-erh."

  • Aubrey

    "I recommend brewing this tea for at least 5 minutes. The darker it gets, the more full-bodied and better it gets!"

Health Benefits


Like all true tea, pu erh tea offers many potential health benefits. Research has found that tea (Camellia sinensis) can have many positive effects on human health, including improved cardiovascular function, cancer risk reduction, improved immune function, improved oral health, and help with weight management. Tea is also full of polyphenols, which are a class of antioxidant that help your body maintain homeostasis and balance your stress levels. Pu-Erh specifically has been used in Chinese medicine to support gut health, weight loss, and lower cholesterol.

For more information about the health benefits of pu erh and other types of tea, and for direct sources of the above information, check out our Tea Health Benefits page!

Please note: the information above is for educational purposes only and has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Pu Erh: A National Secret


Pu-erh, a city located in the Yunnan Province of China, is the namesake of pu-erh tea, the most famous subset of Chinese heicha (dark tea). Pu-erh processing is a closely guarded secret. Each tea garden has a unique recipe and prides itself on its own distinctive creation. Properly cared for, pu-erh tea is actually alive as enzymes in the tea are allowed to age, greatly enhancing the tea’s flavor over time. This is accomplished by introducing a small amount of moisture at the end of the manufacturing process and allowing the retention of that moisture in the final tea leaf; then aging the leaf in a controlled environment. Pu-erh is the only “aged” tea, and can be fully-oxidized like black tea or unoxidized like green tea. Qing Cha (sometimes referred to as “raw” or “green” pu-erh) is the oldest and most famous version of pu-erh processing. Shu Cha (“ripe” or “cooked” pu-erh) is an accelerated version of Qing Cha that was developed in 1972 to help meet consumer demand. Both methods can produce an excellent tea that improves in value and taste with time, and can be finished as loose leaf tea or pressed into shapes. Pu-erhs that have been aged for 10, 15 or even 25 years and beyond are typically unavailable outside China and are served only to high ranking officials and dignitaries.

For even more information about this and other traditions, visit our Tea Traditions Page!

Customer Reviews

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  • 4
    Organic Chocolate Pu Erh Tea - A Unique and Delightful Brew

    Posted by Catherine Alloway on 13th Mar 2024

    A delightful and unique aromatic and taste experience. It is smooth, with a sweet, slightly nutty cocoa flavor that was not overbearing at a 7 minute infusion. It paired well with almond biscotti. I will use this in cold, rainy weather for a special pick-me-up or when I crave sugar but can be satisified by a unique and complexly flavored beverage.

  • 3

    Posted by Jennifer on 24th Feb 2024

    Very interesting/unique flavor and smell. I tried it on its own and with a little sugar. I'm glad I tried it but its not for me

  • 5
    An unexpectedly pleasant surprise, with intriguing possibilities...

    Posted by Stephen Cull on 15th Feb 2023

    I should start this out by saying I hate flavored teas of any variety. As a die hard gongfu cha brewer with a taste for sharp and smoky Sheng puerhs, floral greens, and musky golden threaded blacks, if it's got Camellia of any variety -sinensis, var. assamica, taliensis, it doesn't matter- I really can't overstate how much I dislike anything with flavor added. Hell, osmanthus flowers or those puerh mandarins, while lovely, are even a bit of a stretch for me, so it was rather odd that I even ordered a sample of this stuff. The sample was actually ordered for someone who "doesn't like puerh", and to my surprise I liked it. I liked it enough in fact to order a couple large bags, which I put in my usual half gallon Mason jars with silicone lids, and this is where this story gets interesting. I had to move unexpectedly thanks to an outbreak of black mold, and I ended up in another state with most of my possessions a couple thousand miles away for over a year. So, I accidentally aged this stuff for at least two years, and the results were amazing - the puerh mustiness deepened and melded with the cacao, chocolate, and almond to create a smooth, complex, beautifully nuanced brew that was an absolute joy to savor. Like a dummy I left the stuff and haven't been able to get back up north for a couple years so I'll be curious to see if the improvement has continued, but on a whim I threw a sample of this blend into my latest order and am again very pleasantly surprised. It's smooth, rich, and nicely complex, with the warm oiliness of the cacao and the slightly cherry-reminiscent creaminess of the almond playing off and deepening the musky, musty richness of the Shao puerh, and the liquor has a delightfully silky mouth feel and a richly refined aftertaste. While clearly of decent quality I suspect the base puerh isn't terribly interesting, but the additional flavors elevate it and thr blend proves to be far richer and more enjoyable than the sum of its parts, and I'm delighted with the thick, syrupy brew. (As an aside, if cream and sugar is your jam I suspect you'd love this with a good dollop of heavy cream and a splash of maple syrup - I myself will probably give it a try with a splash of port, brandy, or irish whisky and pair it opera cake or tiramisu to impress none tea drinkers...) It won't be a daily drinker for me, but I'll be buying a couple more bags for aging and indulge when I'm in the mood for something rich, syrupy, and comfortably indulgent. So, leave it to the folks at Arbor to make a flavored tea I actually love - consider me thoroughly impressed. Wonders will never cease...

  • 5
    A New Favorite

    Posted by Stephanie Smith on 6th Nov 2022

    I ordered this tea about six months ago, somewhat hesitant because chocolate tea isn't always as good as it sounds. However, I've had to limit myself to a mug of this tea only on Mondays (to start my week off right!) and special occasions so I didn't drink it all immediately. I'm buying the bulk size next--so good! The chocolate taste almost has a liqueur undertone while being subtle enough not to overwhelm the flavor of the tea.

  • 5
    a delightful surprise

    Posted by Skye on 5th Nov 2022

    I was very skeptical of this tea so I got a sample size first. Generally, I'm a bit of a purist and don't like flavored teas. For that reason, I haven't had the best experience with chocolate teas in the past but I'm on this extremely low carb diet for my diabetes and I've been desperate to find a low carb way to indulge my chocolate cravings so I had to give this a try. Ordinarily, I drink pu erh straight but this is definitely a tea that benefits from cream and sweetener (I use vanilla flavored stevia) to bring out the full chocolate-y flavor. This tea tastes and smells really decadent, like a chocolate liquor. I'm definitely going to be splurging on a full sized bag in future!

  • 4
    Balanced, chocolate notes

    Posted by Tom on 6th Jul 2022

    I only like pu-erh for how it increases my energy and focus, definitely not the taste. So adding chocolate flavor to this pu-erh really helped to make it taste better to me.

  • 5
    Delicious Pu-Erh

    Posted by Noelle Osellame on 26th May 2022

    I tend to like sweet things and I love chocolate, so I tried the chocolate Pu-Erh tea and was not disappointed. It has a mild chocolate taste and it is very smooth. I will continue drinking it always. I wish it were caffeine free, but I stop drinking it by early afternoon so it does not keep me up. Several of my friends tried it and loved it as well.

  • 5
    New and interesting

    Posted by Kevin Collignon on 8th Apr 2022

    I had never tried any Pu erh tea before and a chocolate tea sounded interesting so I decided to get it. By itself the chocolate doesn't stand out a ton but if you add even a tiny bit of sweetener (I used date sugar) it made the flavors pop out quite a bit. Just don't expect to be drinking hot chocolate because I feel like some people might have that expectation and end up disappointed. I enjoyed it and may reorder once i get done exploring all the other teas that peak my interest on this site so it might be a while.

  • 5
    Perfect Chocolate tea!

    Posted by Sarah Adkins on 20th Mar 2022

    I have tried the Numi brand from the store but this is a heavily flavored and smooth chocolate Pu Erh that's perfect down to the last drop. Often I don't even need any kind of sweetener at all.

  • 5
    A favorite

    Posted by Jessica on 31st Dec 2021

    I tried this tea as a sample, and after my first cup wasn't sure how I felt about it. But after that I couldn't stop drinking it. It's become my go-to tea for any time of the day, especially breakfast. The first cup has an especially deep, gorgeous flavor. A little coppery. The leaves make a decent second cup, and I usually drink a less-decent third (and fourth on a lazy day). A new staple for me!

  • 5
    Love it!

    Posted by Emily on 1st Oct 2021

    I just recently bought the sample of this tea and I am in love. It definitely helps me fight any chocolate related cravings and have noticed it lowers my blood sugar, which is now why it will be my go to after meals!

  • 1
    Puerh chocolate tea

    Posted by Maritza Gutierrez on 18th Sep 2021

    I order this tea because I love chocolate but it didn’t taste like chocolate at all.

  • 5
    Subtle yet delicious

    Posted by Danielle Hall on 12th Mar 2021

    I was surprised that this tea didn't have a stronger flavor based on the lovely aroma that wafts from the bag. We really loved this tea. It has a lovely mouth feel with a hint of cherry/almond flavor at the end. The flavor wasn't overwhelming in our opinion but nice. I try to avoid caffeine, so this is a once in a while treat, but what a treat!

  • 5
    A very accessible Pu Erh tea

    Posted by Ching-shih Yang on 28th Feb 2021

    The Pu erh teas I've had typically had an almost "fishy" kind of funk to it makes it less accessible than the typical tea. This version doesn't have that fishiness at all because of the chocolate flavor. I found that slurping this tea like wine helps with bringing out the chocolate flavor.

  • 5
    It's in the name!

    Posted by Rewa on 22nd Jan 2021

    If your familiar w/ pu-erhs, then you know that the tea itself is the SMOOoothest of teas, even if you go over 5min, hek 10min. Pues are known to be probiotic too, so they're great to drink after meals. This blend is amazing, it offsets the earthy flavor of plain pues on their own. Also, sometimes I add this to my honeybush or roobios to just give it a fruity, chocolatey taste. It's delicious & it's organic!

  • 5
    This is a dream tea!

    Posted by Lillian on 17th Sep 2020

    I am blissfully enjoying my cup of tea while writing this! This tea is so surprisingly delicious! I enjoy pu erh tea, and was a bit skeptical about the chocolate flavor at first. Immediately the skepticism drifted away as the sweet chocolate aroma escaped the bag which made me excited to brew it. It has such a wonderful chocolate flavor that shines through! Personally, I find the tea sweet enough without adding any honey or additional sweeteners. It’s like drinking a decadent brownie or other chocolatey dessert without being overwhelming. If you like chocolate, this is definitely the tea for you!

  • 4
    grew on me

    Posted by Amanda Blaisdell on 28th Jul 2020

    I wasn't sure about this at first, as it tasted a little acidic to me. But, after several cups, it definitely grew on me, and now I love it. The chocolate flavor is perfect here - full-bodied and rich, without being overpowering.

  • 5
    So much better than other chocolate teas!

    Posted by Raina on 8th Apr 2019

    I've searched and searched for a tea that has a true chocolate flavor. The chocolate is not overwhelming, but a perfect balance with the tea. Very enjoyable and has a nice kick.

  • 5
    For chocolate lovers

    Posted by Evgenia Chirkova on 22nd Apr 2018

    This is one of my favorite teas from this company. The chocolate taste is very delicate. I like that it is not too strong and not artificial (it happens too often with chocolate flavors!). Great tea to raise your spirits and warm you up.

  • 5
    My new favorite tea

    Posted by Ciera Smith on 17th Apr 2018

    Absolutely love this tea! I make tea for my sister and I all the time. Kind of a tea addict so always looking for something new. My sister is pretty picky and even she loved it, said this was one she'd want me to keep making. I love the flavor, kind of reminds me of a hot chocolate and tea mixture. I will definitely buy it again.

  • 4
    I was skeptical, but now am pleasantly surprised

    Posted by Joe Brodnicki on 19th Oct 2017

    When my wife said she order chocolate pu erh, I thought, "That's crazy." We tried our first cup today and I was shocked---I really liked it. To me, it doesn't taste much like pu erh (so, if that's what you expect, you'll be disappointed). It has a light mocha-like taste to me. A little sweet, full flavored, but not overpowering. Unlike pu erh, it's better for after a meal than with one. Not an every day tea, but a tasty treat.

  • 5

    Posted by Lauren Stachew on 10th Oct 2017

    Although chocolate teas aren't for everyone, this is an excellent choice if you want a chocolate tea that isn't sweet or artificial tasting. I'm trying to ease my way into pu-erh teas, and this is a great choice! I haven't tried this tea with milk or sugar, but I'm sure if you like that in your tea this would be a great blend for it. I'll be repurchasing this in no time!

  • 5
    Organic Chocolate Pu Erh Tea

    Posted by Jennifer Stempien on 22nd Jun 2017

    I really love this tea. It smells so good both before brewing and after. It is very rich, almost like coffee, but not quite. The chocolate flavor is subtle, but there both in aroma and taste. I might just give up my one morning coffee and switch to this!

  • 1
    Not For Me

    Posted by Melissa on 2nd Apr 2017

    I bought the sample to try it out, and was really excited to try it because of reading all of the positive reviews. I wasn't a fan. The taste wasn't good to me at all.

  • 5
    My Daily Treat

    Posted by LizCTea on 2nd Apr 2017

    I just ordered my sixth bag of the Chocolate PuErh, which should give some idea of how much I love this tea. It's my daily treat and I have at least one or two mugs each morning. I originally found Arbor Teas on-line when I was looking to buy tea in bulk so I could cut down on the amount of wasteful packaging I'm responsible for in the world. To find a company that takes that even further and creates compostable packaging just made my heart sing. My first order, about a year and a half ago, was a small one just to try out the teas. I'm now hooked - on both Arbor Teas' awesome tea quality, and on their very green approach to business.

  • 4

    Posted by Kara on 21st Oct 2016

    The only pu-erh tea I like is flavored pu-erh. This one fits the bill. It has a smooth, delicate chocolate flavor to it. Not bad.

  • 5
    A new must!

    Posted by Yen-Wen on 14th Oct 2016

    I am more than happy to try this new tea. Based on the wonderful reviews, I gave it a try. This is the winner!!! It even wins my heavy coffee drinking husband's heart! Unbelievable! We love the balance of tea, chocolate and almond. Its like a new choice between coffee and tea. How awesome! It's very very smooth! It needs no sugar which I find it pleasing. We will come back for more for sure. Love it love it love it!

  • 5
    My New Favorite Tea

    Posted by Ashley Freelove on 20th Sep 2016

    Every chocolate lover needs to sample this tea! It truly is dessert in a cup and I savor every sip. I had never known what pu-erh tea was until I tried this, and now I wish Arbor Teas had a greater selection to offer! It brewed dark in color and full bodied in flavor, and it can brew for quite a long time without tasting off! I found that the recommended 1 tsp per 8 oz was perfect and yielded an equally delicious smelling and tasting cup of tea. I like to add a small amount or pure maple syrup to my cup as it brings out the chocolate flavor that much more. I drink this tea so often that I now need to reorder a larger size!

  • 5
    This one is a keeper!

    Posted by Cori on 19th Mar 2016

    I have never had Pu Erh tea of any kind, so thought I would try something new. Now I wish I had ordered more of it...will add it to my next order for sure. I love that is is earthy. Added benefit of chocolate....who wouldn't love it?!?!?

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 14th Sep 2015

    So glad I ordered this tea, It is "GREAT "I was pleased with the flavor and the chocolate infusion. Will be back for more.

  • 5

    Posted by Christine on 31st Mar 2015

    I love this tea! I brew it for a full 4 minutes, and then add some soy milk. Honestly, it's better than any hot chocolate I've ever had. Even without the dairy/nondairy addition, the scent of the tea is musky, and earthy, but the taste is wonderful. You can really taste the chocolate, without any sugary after taste.

  • 4

    Posted by Robin K. on 31st Dec 2014

    I've never had Pu Erh before, so I have nothing to compare this to. The scent of the dry leaves is weird, -like paint and licorice, so I wasn't expecting to like it. I was pleasantly surprised by the taste. It is not bitter at all. You can taste chocolate, and what I assume is the almond flavor tastes a little like coconut. I cannot taste "tea" specifically, but I'm not familiar with pu erh. The taste is good, and very smooth.

  • 5
    Using this tea for Kombucha

    Posted by LC on 3rd Sep 2014

    Do I have to tell you how awesome this tastes. Totally incredible for making kombucha tea. My first ferment should be complete in another day or two; then I plan on doing a second ferment with raspberries or strawberries.

  • 5

    Posted by Nicole on 20th Aug 2014

    This is great! I'm not really sure what I was expecting but it is delicious. It has nice hints of chocolate and is great to make a tea latte with. I would definitely recommend this tea.

  • 4
    Good tea, but no chocolate flavor.

    Posted by Tiffany Kelly on 16th Aug 2014

    I love a strong black tea so I got a sample of this. I was expecting dessert in a cup. It is the best Pu-Ehr I've had, and I recommend brewing for 4-5 minutes. However, I was very disappointed that there was little to no chocolate profile. It is something I would rebuy, but it didn't come out having a nice dark chocolate flavor.

  • 5

    Posted by Danni on 14th May 2014

    I'm really trying to give pu-erh a shot as it's not my favorite, and course, seeing that this had chocolate in it I had to try, I was not disappointed. It's not too strong and it's very fulfilling. This is definitely going to be my go to pu-erh!

  • 5

    Posted by David on 22nd Apr 2014

    This has become my new go-to tea. Lots of body, great aroma. I drink it every single day.

  • 1
    wanted to like it but...

    Posted by madison on 21st Apr 2014

    i really don't like this tea at all. i wish i had ordered a smaller amount to try it out first. i love chocolate and i love puerh, but the tea does neither justice. sorry!

  • 5

    Posted by Cathy on 24th Aug 2013

    This tea is absolutely fantastic. It is rich and delicious but not overpowering. My taste buds just did a little jig =)

  • 5
    Really surprised....

    Posted by Susan on 5th Jul 2013

    at how chocolaty this tea is. I'm a huge fan of dark chocolate and this tea has the same rich flavor. I truly could not stop drinking it.I made it iced for the summer.

  • 4

    Posted by Lauren on 20th Mar 2013

    This is the very first pu-erh I have ever had, and I was pleasantly surprised with the taste. It has a very pleasant medium-bodied taste, and the chocolate works surprisingly well with the tea base. With a little bit of sugar in it, it satisfied my sweet tooth very well!

  • 4
    Great and curbs that chocolate craving

    Posted by Unknown on 21st Jan 2013

    Finished my first bag of this tea and ordering a 2nd. Add a little bit of stevia, and this is perfect. I do steep it longer than recommended and usually get 2 cups of tea out of one serving. Yummy.

  • 5
    Followup to my previous review

    Posted by Mulemamma on 14th Oct 2012

    I forgot to mention that you don't have to steep for 15-30 seconds, throw this away & restart a new cup from this batch. Good taste from the first steeping!

  • 5
    Absolutely Awesome

    Posted by Mulemamma on 14th Oct 2012

    I've reviewed other websites for pu erh tea & they were not very favorable. I was hoping that this tea didn't smell like barnyard urine or dirt or other comments that were expressed with other pu erh teas. This particular flavored pu erh is fantastic and so happy that I ordered the largest quantity! This will be one of my favorites & will gladly reorder this tea when the time comes.

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