Spiced Apple Cider aka Chai-der

Spiced Apple Cider aka Chai-der

Treat yourself to a cozy cup, or scale this recipe up to share with friends around the fire pit. Sweet apple cider simmered with fragrant Organic Masala Chai Black Tea or Organic Masala Chai Rooibos perfectly compliments crisp fall evenings! 

Makes 1 serving.



    1. Pour the apple cider into a small pot and add the Masala Chai of choice, stir to incorporate.
    2. Heat the cider and Masala Chai together for at least 5 minutes, or until it reaches a gentle simmer.
    3. Strain out the steeped Masala Chai and pour the spiced apple cider into your cup.
    4. Enjoy!

Recipe by Arbor Teas staff.

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