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Chinese Tea Pronunciation: "Jasmine Tea"

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In this edition of our guide to the proper pronunciation of Chinese tea terms, we're branching out into more "flowery" tea terminology: "jasmine tea"!


Meaning: Jasmine tea.  One interesting thing to note about this Chinese tea term is that the two characters share a common symbol.  The top part of both of these characters has the meaning "grass" or refers to plant material.

Pronunciation: The pronunciation of the first word is a little trickier than some that we've covered so far.  The sound is like the "mua-" part of the kissing sound "muah," but with a more rounded mouth shape.  The second syllable is pronounced like "lee."  The intonation of these syllables is also a little tricky.  Both are pitched like the famous line from Monty Python's "knights who say 'nee'" bit, starting high and ending low.  For a little refresher, here's the clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zIV4poUZAQo.