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Organic White Tea

Organic White Tea

Looking for an organic white tea? Look no further! Arbor Teas is proud to offer a selection of loose leaf organic white tea, including flavored blends and single-origin teas—a small, but growing portion of our organic loose leaf tea catalog. After harvesting, white tea is simply withered and dried (similar to an herb), with the occasional steaming in between. As a result, white teas offer the most exquisitely subtle tea-drinking experience around.

  • Organic Bai Mu Dan White Tea
  • Organic Kenya Silver Needle White Tea
  • Organic Makaibari Estate Silver Tips White Tea
  • Organic Pomegranate White Tea
  • Organic Silver Needle White Tea
  • Organic White Tea Sampler

Origins of Our Organic White Teas

White teas originated in China's Fujian province, and continue to be produced in limited quantities in only a few parts of the world to this day. Governed by strict requirements, Chinese white teas, such as our Silver Needles and Bai Mu Dan, represent the most traditional style and flavor in our organic white tea selections. However, demand in the marketplace has caused white tea production to move beyond China's borders, and our Indian Silver Tips is a truly exceptional example of what can be accomplished in different soil.

Organic White Tea Manufacture

As with any white tea, our organic white teas are simply withered and dried (similar to an herb) during processing. This simple manufacturing style can result in the downy white buds of our Silver Needle or the varied brown, white, and green leaves of our Bai Mu Dan. Hand-plucking and careful handling create these delicate organic teas.

Preparation Tips for Our Organic White Teas

We recommend brewing our loose leaf organic white teas in water that has been heated until bubbles have begun to form on the bottom of the pan, or 180 degrees Fahrenheit, for 2-3 minutes. Of course, these are only our recommendations. Let your personal taste be the ultimate test! Get more tips on how to brew loose leaf tea.