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Happy Customers

Happy Customers

We love our customers! They are intelligent, earth-loving, fun-loving folks that continually surprise us with their insightful comments and dedication to a healthy, just planet.  As you look through these fun snapshots, we hope you'll see a little bit of yourself and maybe find a new tea to try!

If you’d like to share your Arbor Teas story, please e-mail your comments to us at info@ArborTeas.com. We’d love to hear from you.

Melissa's Son


Nickname: Bee/Bean
Age: 35
Home: Ontario, Canada
Occupation:  Landscape design/Artist
Hobbies/past times:  Walking, walking, walking, canoeing, dancing, reading all sorts, cooking and devouring food (even better with films), listening to radio/music while often humming ridiculously...relishing the quiet, slow times.

Favorite Arbor Teas tea and why: Pu-erh and oolong varieties, hands down. Not only are they great for my health needs, they are deeply satisfying and grounding. When I can't get outside for a break on a busy day, they always give me a chance to take a breath, stop, and reflect for a moment (I often use this as an excuse to honour my 'scheduled daydreaming' goals). Arbor Teas is the 1st company I've found selling organic, fair trade pu-erh options. As a grateful tea addict, it's my part to support businesses that care to sustain current and future generations of tea farmers, their land, and treasured harvest.

How you prepare/drink your tea: My spouse and I drink pu-erh all day, so we make a large pot to take from as desired (bring 6 cups water to a boil; add 2 TBL or so pu-erh variety to the pot and steep well). We usually put a bit of roasted brown rice kernels in the bottom of the teacup with each pour, for a bit of special flavour/nutrients (and as an ode to the blissful taste of genmaicha). Oolong I usually make just once a day for lunch, sometimes adding jasmine flowers and honey for layers of flavour depending on the variety (bring 2 cups of water to a boil; pour over 2-3 TEA oolong variety, and jasmine flowers if preferred, and steep. Honey added if desired, only after cooled slightly.)

Where and when you drink your tea:  I work mostly from home, so I drink from my cup throughout the day, forced to be careful not to spill it on my designs/workspace. Whenever I'm at job sites, appointments, on errands, or taking any length of trip, our tea and thermos always tags along.

Is tea a daily beverage for you or something you save for a special moment? All day, every day! But we enjoy different types and different preparation for special moments, too. (e.g. ceremonial-style matcha in our treasured heirloom teacups for b-days, etc.) A week doesn't pass that I can go without chai, pu-erh, oolong, mint, and rosehip teas in my system! And that's not even counting all the alternates in the pantry...  

Has tea played a special role in your life?  It has been with me, in me, since I was a child. My father served us kukicha (japanese twig tea) since we could walk. My mother's family LIVED off of iced herbal tea in the summers (with rosehips, lemon, mint, honey) -- that taste still propels me back to countless happenings at my grandmother's home over the years. My father went on to teach me to savour a huge variety of teas/herbs from garden to cup; for me it is an embedded part of my memories/history.

I've had some health challenges over the years, and many medicinal teas have added to my overall relief and pleasure as I recuperated and learned to care for my body's requirements and weaknesses. As I could never drink much of what most of our culture consumed around me (coffee/pop/milk/alcohol), I’m grateful for how that small limitation helped expand and enrich my great esteem for the world of tea in all its wonderful diversity. A true complement to all those years of family and life activities/occasions; a backdrop to those average, overlooked everydays; and today when the family comes together after time/distance has loosened our ties, it remains a piece of the prompting that musters communication and helps us to review old connections again-- when everything's otherwise a bit stressful or awkward.

My partner, too, has had herbal tea on his family's woodstove and in his gut every winter he can recall from childhood. The herbs often came from the family yard and/or garden (and sat to brew on the stove days or weeks too many-- often until the flavour was more water than tea). The little funny recollections and parallel experiences are part of our collective family weave for certain. We rehash stories over and again at family gatherings-- enjoying them more with each and every rerun-- while drinking old favourites and sharing new finds. I am a true tea-head. Proud of it.

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Nickname: That's actually my nickname!
Age: 44
Home: San Diego, California
Occupation: Engineer
Hobbies/past times: Music (listening and playing), Photography, Bicycling

Favorite Arbor Teas tea and why: Singampatti Oothu Estate Black Tea, because it is very smooth and has a wonderful flavor.  An equal favorite, especially when I want a little bit more of a kick, is Korakundah Estate Nilgiri Black Tea.  I'm partial to the latter because I grew up in the Nilgiris!

How you prepare/drink your tea: When I'm making a single cup for myself, I boil a cup of water in a stove-top kettle, and brew it in the cup with a Swissgold Conical filter.  I then set my timer for a couple of minutes on my PDA/Phone (I did mention I'm an Engineer) so that I don't brew it for too long.  I then add a spot of milk and a teaspoon of sugar, and stir well.  Ideally, I like to sit in my favorite chair, put my legs up, and mindfully enjoy my tea!

Where and when you drink your tea: At home, at work, in the car when I have to run (stainless steel commuter mugs work better than plastic).  Pretty much at any time of the day.  The cup of tea first thing in the morning (after brushing my teeth) is the least negotiable.

Is tea a daily beverage for you or something you save for a special moment?  More than daily!

Has tea played a special role in your life? Yes.  My father worked in a tea estate in the Nilgiris.  At one posting we lived close to a tea factory, which is why I love the smell of black tea!  The first thing I do with a new bag of tea is stick my nose in and take a long breath!

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Age: 37
Home: Morton Grove, Illinois
Occupation: Sculptor
Hobbies/past times: Reading, fishing, cooking

Favorite Arbor Teas tea and why: Golden Yunnan - rich, full flavor (oakey/spicy) with a bit of a soft feel in the mouth.  Pleasant, very faintly honey-like aftertaste.

How you prepare/drink your tea: Infuse in a glass teapot, transfer to JoeMo and drink on my commute.  Occasionally brew at work or in the evenings also.  I have it every weekend as well, usually two cups then.

Is tea a daily beverage for you or something you save for a special moment?  I drink it every day.

Has tea played a special role in your life? I didn't start drinking it until I was in my 30’s, after a friend recommended loose-leaf to me.  I have switched my diet over to organic and local as much as possible and I consider tea to be an important part of my healthy diet, because of the antioxidants.  I also tend to be congested in the morning and I believe tea has helped me to avoid taking antihistamines.  I do also feel that my enjoyment of tea is almost spiritual in nature.

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Age:  36
Home: Starkville, Mississippi (Formerly Ann Arbor, MI)
Occupation:  Instructor at Landscape Architecture Department at MS State University
Hobbies/past times: Cooking / baking, making gourmet chocolate truffles, writing, reading, yoga, running

Favorite Arbor Teas tea and why: So many favorites! Earl Grey is fantastic; fragrant, dark, mysterious, and a terrific pick-me-up on a long and sleepy afternoon. Rooibos makes a fresh and woody non-caffeinated treat after I had one too many Earl Greys. The Masala Chai Black Tea complements just about any dessert I ever made. Bai Mu Dan White Tea is a great way to start off the day, while the Chamomile is a perfect way to end it.

How you prepare/drink your tea: I use the "Perfect Cup of Tea" measuring spoon, and a red FORLIFE tea pot, which allows me to brew two cups at the time.  I boil filtered water in an electric kettle (so fast!). I drink my teas out of one of my many Boleslawiec (Polish pottery) 16 oz latte cups. When I need to make just one cup, I use my trusted Swissgold brewing basket.

Where and when you drink your tea: At my dining room table with breakfast every morning. As I lecture in the Landscape Architecture department's design studio. As I check my email after work. While cooking dinner. After dinner. As I read a book at bedtime. Always, pretty much...

Is tea a daily beverage for you or something you save for a special moment?  I drink a lot of tea. I don't save it for a special moment, but the aroma of my favorite teas make me pay attention, smile, and make any moment more special.

Has tea played a special role in your life? Growing up in Poland, I always heard everyone around me say "przyjdz na herbate" (come for tea). It stuck.  I still invite people over "for tea" though most of them don't actually drink tea at all.While I lived in Ann Arbor, my friend Suzanne and I got together for tea every Thursday at noon. We would sit, sip our old favorites or new finds, and solve all of the world's problems. I miss both Suzanne, and our tea dates very much.

In Mississippi, people drink a lot of iced tea, which isn't as much fun for me.  Though I appreciate the taste of some of the concoctions, I miss the ritual of actually MAKING fresh tea every time I am to have it.  Pulling out a jug out of the refrigerator just isn't the same.

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Age: 28
Home: Arlington, Virginia
Occupation:  Web strategist and developer
Hobbies/past times: Rock climbing, cataloging beer

Favorite Arbor Teas tea and why: If I had to pick one I'd probably pick Makaibari Estate Darjeeling 1st Flush Black Tea. It's just such an incredibly smooth and distinctive black tea.

How you prepare/drink your tea: Using an in-cup strainer

Where and when you drink your tea:  At home (e.g. work!) and throughout the day. I typically follow my morning coffee with black tea in the morning and with lunch, then have some green tea in the afternoon, and if I feel like having something to sip on in the evening I make white tea. I'll occasionally have oolong in the afternoon, although I usually have oolong tea with a meal.

Is tea a daily beverage for you or something you save for a special moment? Daily beverage.

Has tea played a special role in your life? Green tea has long been part of my self-treatment repertoire when battling a cold or flu. I make no claim that it has special medicinal properties, but it’s hydrating and the warmth is comforting.

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Age: 51
Home: Coarsegold, California (near Yosemite!)
Occupation:  Senior Information Technology Analyst/Trainer
Hobbies/past times:  SURF (I know it’s a long drive, but I do it every weekend or more), Surf (again!), Golf, Music (Blues Harmonica, Singing, and I Play French Horn), I also my wife and I have a professional Long Arm Quilting Business.

Favorite Arbor Teas tea and why: Gyokuro or Kukicha, if you read the review I put on the Gyokuro page you will know I liked the green, grassy, or “vegetal” flavor (I never knew what anyone meant by vegetal so I’ll suppose its that Green Grassy flavor!) of Tazo’s Chinese Green Tips Tea. It was unavailable in loose leave, and although was good to start had a bitter edge if steeped to long or made to strong.  So I tried about 15-20 different Green and White teas to find that flavor or BETTER!  Mao Feng, Mao Jing, Bai Mu Dan, and Chun Mee all had some traces [of green], Lung Ching varieties had none [of the green flavor] but a different type of rich smoky flavor I like very well too!) Sencha and Bancha have it, but not as clear or “sweet”!  Then I tried the Gyokuro, Ahhh!  That was it, the Kukicha or “Stem Tea” is very similar but much less expensive… Both are far better than the “Tazo”, my first and previous favorite!

How you prepare/drink your tea: I like to be eccentric, but in a practical way.  I purchased an inexpensive digital thermometer at Bed, Bath, and Beyond ($10), and have that in my tea kit.  I use the tea bags sold on Arbor Teas, #1 or #2 work great.  I use the recommended amount plus or minus depending on tea itself.  I make sure the water is between 175 and 180 degrees before put the tea bag in, wait a few minutes and begin to enjoy.  I leave the tea-bag in the cup, that is why I like less bitter teas (see above) and when the water level is close to ½ down I add a bit more hot water about 160 degrees to keep the “cup” around 140 to 150 (after initial steeping)  this prevents a over release of inert-compounds from making it to strong…  I can usually refill the cup in this way 4 to 5 times before I am drinking “strong water” and decide to whip out the digital thermometer and brew up and another cup from the beginning!

Where and when you drink your tea: I used to be a coffee only drinker, and still enjoy coffee but far less frequently. For a transitional period of a year or so, I would have a fresh ground, fresh brewed, “one cup at a time”, cup of coffee and drink green or white tea the rest of the day.  Recently, (coincidently since I started buying good tea) I have not been drinking coffee at all.  I am as eccentric about my coffee as I am about my tea, I love the “pseudo-chemistry, meta-physical/ritual” of brewing a prefect cup of tea or coffee.  But I do like cream or Half-n-Half in the coffee!  Tea I drink pure, so it always seems cleaner and more refreshing.  I start at 6-6:30 AM once I get to work, and keep my cup full all day long.  Saturdays or “Surfing” days, I get up 2:00 AM and make a big cup to take with me on the 3 hour Drive!  I really don’t need caffeine, I just like it!!!!

Is tea a daily beverage for you or something you save for a special moment?  Daily

Has tea played a special role in your life?  Everything I do has a special role in my life, I don’t do anything part way.  As with my fascination with coffees, I love to learn about, try, and buy all sort of different “Green and White for now” teas…  I also am a trainer/teacher so it is in my nature to have to share, OK, “evangelize” about my tea experiences and am always recommending this or that to someone else.  I always like to find other “fanatics” and enjoy sharing great sources with them…

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Age: 49
Home: San Diego, California
Occupation:  Professor, sociology
Hobbies/past times:  Cooking, gardening, music, hiking

Favorite Arbor Teas tea and why: I don't really have a favorite.  I drink several of the green teas, Irish Breakfast, Darjeeling, Assam, Russian Caravan, Rooibos...

How you prepare/drink your tea: I make cups of tea with a gold filter and pitchers of sun tea.  Sometimes I make spicy chai from scratch.

Where and when you drink your tea:  I drink hot tea every morning and iced tea most afternoons at work or at home.

Is tea a daily beverage for you or something you save for a special moment? Actually, it's both.

Has tea played a special role in your life?  It reminds me of visits to England and South Africa.

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Age: 61
Home: Orleans, Massachusetts, on Cape Cod
Occupation:  Gestalt coach/counselor, writer, editor, trainer, somatic therapist
Hobbies/past times:  Yoga and meditation, walking on the beach, listening to music: jazz, classical, folk, rock

Favorite Arbor Teas tea and why: Jasmine pearl because I can make a ritual of preparing it and enjoying it.

How you prepare/drink your tea: I bring the water to just the right temperature, heat my mug, steep my cup with the pearls in it, then spoon the pearls out of my mug, finally I slow my multi-tasking life down to paying attention to the pleasure of each sip.

Where and when you drink your tea:  With my breakfast in the morning -- sometimes while watching Democracy Now on local cable access TV -- sometimes while reading the New York Times or some book I cannot put down. Sometimes I do gaze into the day and simply sip. On occasion my first cup is while I'm sitting in my office calming myself for my first client of the day. Next cup is usually late morning -- I reuse my pearls from the first cup, steeping for no more than 4 - 5 minutes.
Occasionally I'll have another mug mid to late afternoon when I'm working at home.

Is tea a daily beverage for you or something you save for a special moment?  Both.

Has tea played a special role in your life?  When I visited Japan and Taiwan 4 years ago, I also visited a tea plantation and tea house outside Taiwan. I have only in the last 3 - 4 years really broken my addiction to shade grown organic coffees. Coffee Klatches after yoga were a highlight of my week -- now I drink whatever jasmine green tea bag tea our cafe serves (Tazo sometimes, or a more delicate brand).My health has been better and my mood more tempered since I made the switch. Even an occasional cup of coffee is no longer more fun than my Arbor Teas Jasmine pearl green tea now!

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Nickname: Jojo
Age: 25
Home: Leesburg, Virginia
Occupation: I work at a garden nursery and also do landscape design for customers outside of work.  
Hobbies/past times: Reading, playing Capoeria, drinking tea and anything to do with being outside or digging in the dirt!

Favorite Arbor Teas tea and why: Do I have to have just one? For the morning either Irish Breakfast or Assam - because they are smooth and hearty and just what tea should be. And in the afternoon either the coconut black or the vanilla black- a treat to get me through the day!
 How you prepare/drink your tea: When at home I boil the water on the stove and drink my tea from a tea pot (shaped like a camel!) and fine china painted by my grandmother. When anywhere else I carry an electric kettle and big giant mugs around!

 Where and when you drink your tea:  I have a pot of tea first thing every morning. And then, usually cup of tea mid-morning, after-lunch and mid-afternoon, especially when I am at work.

 Is tea a daily beverage for you or something you save for a special moment? Both!

Has tea played a special role in your life? Tea has been the connecting glue (so to speak) with many of the important people in my life. Some of my favorite memories include enjoying a cup of tea in the garden with my grandparents. I don't know of any happier or more peaceful occupation than sitting down to a good cup of tea and spending time with someone you love.

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Nickname: Dee
Age: old
Home: Berkeley, California
Occupation: Teacher. Currently teaching Sr, Fitness and Tap Dance
Hobbies/past times:  The arts: Dancing, Music Theater, Swimming, Political Activist

Favorite Arbor Teas tea and why: Earl Green and Rooibos

How you prepare/drink your tea: Brewed in teapot, to last until evening. Sometimes individually in tea strainer.

Where and when you drink your tea:  Usually early morning with breakfast, after lunch and late afternoon. Mostly when I return home from work.

Is tea a daily beverage for you or something you save for a special moment? Daily.

Has tea played a special role in your life?  It was helpful in breaking coffee addiction.

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Age: 39
Home: Beaufort, South Carolina
Occupation: Project Manager for an environmental advocacy organization, Coastal Conservation League
Hobbies/past times: Gardening, biking, cooking

Favorite Arbor Teas tea and why: Yunnan Gold -- fair trade and organic.
I love Yunnan Gold tea, I "quit" coffee several years ago and began exploring teas. Yunnan had a unique flavor and quality, unlike any other tea -- and I am partial to black tea.  After accumulating a few tea tins and becoming firmly attached to Yunnan, I began searching for sources for this kind of tea that were organic, fair trade and would ship to me bulk-style.  That is how I found Arbor Teas.  And I really love the environmentally friendly shipping option.

How you prepare/drink your tea: Most days I prepare it in a single whole leaf tea-brewer that drains the brewed tea from the bottom.  But my favorite way (weekends) is to make a pot in my brown betty teapot with its knit cozy and drink it out of the pretty tea cups!
Where and when you drink your tea: I drink it first thing in the morning at home. Sometimes I have a second cup at work, particularly in the afternoon (I make up tea bags of the loose tea to bring to work with me.)

Is tea a daily beverage for you or something you save for a special moment? Daily beverage -- but the second or third cups are usually special treats.

Has tea played a special role in your life? Switching to tea from coffee and learning to enjoy tasting and brewing whole leaf teas came at a time when I started doing a lot of "nice" things for myself for a change.  The switching time (about 6 years ago) still makes me feel good to think of it.  I also look to tea anytime I am doing something special -- like traveling.  I look for places to have tea when I travel and I almost always try to treat myself to true high tea at a tea house on or around my birthday.

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Nickname: Shugro  
Age: 34
Home: Burbank, California
Occupation:  Actress, Film Producer, Stand- Up Comic, and Flash Mob Producer
Hobbies/past times:  Dancing, Waterskiing, Camping, Snowboarding, Green Living/Organic Eating, Walking our 3 Jack Russell Terriers, Writing, Reading

Favorite Arbor Teas tea and why: Jasmine Green - I love the flavor, the kick I get every morning. It feels peaceful to drink it. ANY Flavored black tea (Mango, Cranberry) I love the fruity surprise in a strong tea. I just ordered some decaf since I'm planning to start a family this year.

How you prepare/drink your tea: Straight up. Boil some water, make a teabag or tea infuser with loose leaf tea and drink it straight up. I will often go back for a second cup, less caffeine the second time!

Where and when you drink your tea:  At my home office, I bring it to friends’ houses, in my car, camping, 7am, 4pm, and 8pm.

Is tea a daily beverage for you or something you save for a special moment?  EVERY DAY

Has tea played a special role in your life?  I am an anxious, high strung, neurotic, Type A person who does not smoke, drinks a beer or a glass of wine occasionally, doesn't do drugs, and eats really well. The only vices I have are TEA and OPRAH.  That's my church. Peace, calm, presence, serenity, contemplation. It's very special to me. I collect tea cups and tea pots, I love the ritual.

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Nickname: Renee
Age: 66
Home: Junction City, California
Occupation:  Executive chef
Hobbies/past times: Gardening

Favorite Arbor Teas tea and why: I use organic decaf black.  I like black tea and I don't do well with caffeine so the decaf gives me what I'm looking for.  It is so wonderful to have a nice cup of tea without having to compromise the flavor, ones health and the health of the planet.

How you prepare/drink your tea: It's loose tea so I put one rounded teaspoon in a tea strainer over the top of a mid-size mug and place a domed lid on top to keep the heat in.  Then I warm a tablespoon or two of organic whole milk, wait five or so minutes, remove the tea strainer, add the milk and replace the lid.

Where and when you drink your tea:  I drink my first cup of tea at my desk at home.  I have these lovely big bay windows looking out into the forest. I answer e-mails, enjoy the morning sunshine and have my tea and breakfast.  This is a morning ritual. I have a second cup around three in the afternoon when I take a break in the kitchen.  

Is tea a daily beverage for you or something you save for a special moment?  Daily ritual.

Has tea played a special role in your life?  In a way.  There is a quality of the pause, the tea break.  Pausing to let go, relax, reflect.  There is meditation there.  It's very helpful.  The tea, the pause to sip it brings one to the present moment.....Ahhhhh.  That first sip of really good tea usually brings something like Ahhhhh.

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Nickname: Libby
Age: 64
Home: Ann Arbor, Michigan
Occupation:  Researcher, social worker
Hobbies/past times:  Reading, gardening, needlework

Favorite Arbor Teas tea and why: Keemun, English Breakfast, and decaf English Breakfast

How you prepare/drink your tea: In the morning, Keemun (or Eng b'fast) to start the day, made with boiling water in a favorite green pot. Then later in the day, I switch to decaf or green teas. I'm still figuring out which green tea I like best, so I ordered your green tea sampler.
We're using your decaf Eng B'fast to make our iced tea; we make it fairly strong. It's also my evening tea.

Where and when you drink your tea:  At home, sometimes in the car if I haven't finished the pot before I leave home in the morning, at work (but the water here isn't hot enough to do your tea justice, so I'm using good supermarket teas at work), in the evening after dinner.

 Is tea a daily beverage for you or something you save for a special moment?  Daily. I probably have 3-4 cups/day, which is why I'm such a regular customer of Arbor Teas.

Has tea played a special role in your life?  I can't drink coffee, so I turned to tea, getting into better and better quality tea and the best method of preparing it. I'm so delighted to have found you and to have a source of good quality tea that's been grown in a non-exploitative and sustainable way.

I have been known to tell waitresses how I want my tea made, though it's a losing battle when they're scared of boiling water. My husband rolls his eyes and laughs at me when I explain to them that the tea bag should go in first and that I want the water really hot.  
(I can tell you which local coffee shops make good tea (i.e., have boiling water vs tepid bath water!).)

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Occupation: I am a middle school teacher.  
Home: I live in Escanaba, Michigan.  It is in the Upper Peninsula.
Hobbies/past times: I enjoy running.

Where and when you drink your tea:  Each morning before school, I heat water in my tea pot and make a cup of Matcha tea.  I drink it on my way to work and finish it at school.

Is tea a daily beverage for you or something you save for a special moment?  I drink tea daily

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Nickname: Li'l Teapot (for real--it's my alter-ego rapper name!)
Age: I like the Age of Enlightment, but the Stone Age seems really interesting too.
Home: In the moment, as much as possible.
Occupation: School Social Worker, Kripalu yoga teacher, food activist, artist
 Hobbies/past times: Facilitating Friday Mornings @ SELMA with my husband Jeff McCabe and a wonderful crew of volunteers, teaching yoga in my home studio, cooking local food for family and friends, doing anything outside, and creating art.

Favorite Arbor Teas tea and why: These days it is Arbor Tea's English Breakfast.  I love every thing about it.  Its strength and depth of flavor, its rich aroma, and how a little bit brews a good pot of tea.

How you prepare/drink your tea:
I use the handy immersion tea holder-strainer thing-y right in my mug or tea pot (Does that gizmo have a name??).  A little sugar and cream, and I am happy.

Where and when you drink your tea:  Don't tell John Roos, but I'm off coffee these days and go right for the English Breakfast every morning while I'm still rubbing sleep from my eyes.  It's a gentle way to get a little caffeine in me without jolting my nervous system.  I also really enjoy the decaf English Breakfast if it's the evening and I want a cup of tea without getting too hyper.

Is tea a daily beverage for you or something you save for a special moment? Yes.

Has tea played a special role in your life? Sure. It is a strong childhood memory of parties with my miniature tea set, it's exactly what I want when I'm eating scones or toast with butter and honey, it's great when someone is upset and I don't know what else to offer them, it's lovely when I'm grouchy or need a little energy, and it's perfect hot or iced. Plus, it doesn't cause a hangover. What more could you ask from a drink? 

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Nickname: LJ
Age: 27
Home: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Occupation:  Entrepreneur (Health/Wellness Field)
Hobbies/past times:  Hiking with my dog (Phoebe), traveling, attending Penn State football games and picnics with family and friends.

Favorite Arbor Teas tea and why: Chamomile.  It has an amazing scent and helps me fall asleep.

How you prepare/drink your tea: I make two cups at a time by heating water up in the microwave.

Where and when you drink your tea:  Everywhere... At home/work, in the car, in a tent, and my favorite place, in bed!

Is tea a daily beverage for you or something you save for a special moment?  Both.  I drink three cups a day but when I have guests, I love making special teas for them to try and get them off of coffee and on to something healthier :)

Has tea played a special role in your life?  I believe it helped me lose weight.  Knowing that I'm doing something good for my body encourages me to do even healthier things throughout the day.  Also, when I'm bored, it's a wonderful alternative to snacking!

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Age: 25
Home: My wife and I live in New Mexico.
Occupation: I am a High School Math Teacher.
Hobbies/past times:  I play the guitar, make computer music and love to hike.

Favorite Arbor Teas tea and why: I love to prepare Arbor Tea's Fair Trade Tuo Cha each morning before work and my wife and I enjoy the Fair Trade Lapsang Suochong on relaxing weekend mornings.

How you prepare/drink your tea: I use a "trap-door" style plastic infuser.  I don't use soap when I rinse it out, so it gets a coating of tea on the inside.  I haven't fully verified whether it accomplishes the same effect as a Yixing teapot, but it's my humble attempt.

Where and when you drink your tea:
I drink tea every morning to wake up and with my wife on the weekends.
Is tea a daily beverage for you or something you save for a special moment? Tea is both a daily beverage and something for special moments.  I like to offer guests a nice green tea to welcome them.

Has tea played a special role in your life? Tea has born witness to so many conversations and personal epiphanies through the years.

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Nickname: I have lots of them. Apparently Sadie lends itself well to being manipulated.
Age: 38
Home: Menasha, Wisconsin
Occupation:  I'm a Credit Analyst by trade but an environmentalist by education and am involved with several local environmental groups.
Hobbies/past times:  Reading, vegetable gardening, native landscaping... anything with plants.

Favorite Arbor Teas tea and why: I love Lapsang Souchong because its smokiness reminds me of sitting around a campfire.  Plain Rooibos is my choice for decaf because of its earthiness.

How you prepare/drink your tea:  I prepare it in a large French press.  For drinking I have a favorite mug for my black tea and a favorite mug for my rooibos.

Where and when you drink your tea:  While I'm getting ready for work, on the way to work, in the morning at work, in the morning on the weekends, in the evening before bed.  (I reserve mid-day for water )

Is tea a daily beverage for you or something you save for a special moment?   Every day!
Has tea played a special role in your life?   I think it helps me stay healthy and I've been drinking it for so long, I've become a tea guru of sorts.  When someone has a tea question, they come to me.

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Age: 40
Home: Bar Harbor, Maine
Occupation:  Medical Writer
Hobbies/past times:  Cooking, eating, hiking in Acadia National Park, reading

Favorite Arbor Teas tea and why: I love the Korakundah Estate Nilgiri Black.  I’m a fan of black tea, and I love that this one is great hot or iced.  The English Breakfast is great, too.

How you prepare/drink your tea: I use a Bodum French press, which isn’t for coffee at all in our house!  All our household tea drinkers drink the tea straight up, with no accoutrements, although sometimes in the afternoon I’ll make a cup of your vanilla almond tea and add honey and milk.   In the summer our fridge is never without iced tea, to which we sometimes add a splash of organic lemonade.

Where and when you drink your tea:  If I’m answering for my husband, he drinks tea at all possible opportunities.   Me, I drink 1-2 cups in the morning (I telework, so I’m just sitting at my desk).  In the afternoon sometimes I have another cup, for good measure.

Is tea a daily beverage for you or something you save for a special moment?   All the time!  Never a day without it!

Has tea played a special role in your life? Well, tea is always a part of life, and I have always tried to pass it on.   In college I got a tin of tea leaves for a friend of mine as a gift.  She and I lost touch for many years, and we recently got back in touch through Facebook.  She still has that tea tin and has refilled it for over 20 years!  She just started placing orders with you, too, I believe!  Also, my husband was a (dare I say it??) diet cola drinker when I met him!   I started making him tea in the morning when I made mine, and got him an electric hot water kettle and supplies for use at work.  I am happy to say that we have been married 5 years now, and he has not had a soda (diet or otherwise) since then!  I’ve very proud to have converted him to the proper caffeinated beverage!

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Melissa's Son

Age: 3
Home: Bar Harbor, Maine
Occupation:  Kid
Hobbies/past times:  Stealing Mom and Dad’s tea.

Favorite Arbor Teas tea and why: Straight black tea.  Mom tried to offer me the fruity stuff, but I’ll hear nothing of it!

How you prepare/drink your tea: I drink it how my Mom and Dad drink it.

Where and when you drink your tea:  I drink it as often as I can steal it from my Mom and Dad!

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Age: 55 yrs young
Home: Long Island NY
Occupation: NYS Court Clerk
Hobbies/pastimes: Yoga/ walking

Favorite Arbor Teas tea and why: Rooibos, chamomile mint, English breakfast decaf

How you prepare/drink your tea: I use your tea sacks whenever I get the urge, but always late evening before bed.

Is tea a daily beverage for you or something you save for a special moment?   Every day

Has tea played a special role in your life? Drank a lot of the Lipton tea as a teenager then went to coffee when I got my first office job and the coffee pot was always there. My husband (of 34ys) and I have always enjoyed tea in the evening. Several years ago I started to eat and drink organic. Organic teas are now the only ones I drink. Once I became familiar with their exceptional quality and flavor there was no going back. Because caffeine affects me I try to stick to herbal teas. I do not like fruity flavors but like a strong bold flavor (I make my tea quite strong). I still have a cup of coffee (organic bold) in the morning but for the rest of the day I drink mostly tea.


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