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Arbor Teas Summer Reading Series

Get ready to steep yourself in a story! The Arbor Teas Summer Reading Series presents an original work of fiction by a different author each year. Released one chapter per week, each serialized novel is meant to be enjoyed all summer long by tea-lovers and non tea-lovers alike. Why? Because next to iced tea, nothing goes better with summer than a good read. Enjoy!

By Lauren Doyle Owens

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In two short months Jean Wintree is to be married to handsome med student John Birnbauer. But when her younger sister Erin, John's mother Nancy, and a surprising interloper start to meddle in the couple's plans, a happy ending is far from certain. Join us as we read The Wintree Waltz!

Meet the Author: Lauren Doyle Owens

Lauren Doyle Owens is a Florida-based fiction writer. Her short fiction has appeared in numerous publications, including Tigertail, Concho River Review and The Seventh Wave.

Lauren chose to set her novella The Wintree Waltz in Ann Arbor, Michigan (home to Arbor Teas). "For me, it was just natural that the novel be set in Ann Arbor, a place that takes on a completely different identity during the summer, as the students leave and the townies take over," Owens explains. "I love this idea of playing with identities, how a place or a person can become something different depending on the decisions they make, or even who they're standing next to. When I started to write about the Wintree sisters, I realized how they're all in a state of flux, that anything could change for them at any moment."

"Literature is full of marriage plots, so I was tapping into a tradition of light-hearted, even magical, stories that take place during this universal turning point. I had so much fun spending time with the Wintrees as I worked on The Wintree Waltz and I hope readers do too," Owens says.

Lauren is the oldest of four girls, and definitely a "Clara Wintree". When not writing, Lauren is a hobbyist photographer, and loves to travel, hike, and eat. Her favorite teas are Matcha, Gyokuro and Silver Needle – especially when she's on deadline! Lauren lives in Fort Lauderdale with her husband Chris.

You can follow Lauren on Twitter and find more of her work on laurendoyleowens.com. She is currently seeking representation for The Other Side of Everything, a novel set during a steamy South Florida summer.