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Organic Iced Tea

Organic Iced Tea

Arbor Teas offers one of the Internet's largest selections of loose leaf organic tea and tisanes – two thirds of which are Fair Trade Certified®. Any of our teas and tisanes can be used to make iced tea, but we have hand selected a few of our organic teas and tisanes that are particularly well suited to iced tea. We offer selections from all varieties of tea (black, green, white, oolong and pu-erh) as well as South African rooibos and herbal infusions that are sure to please.

  • Organic Apricot Black Tea
  • Organic Bancha Green Tea
  • Organic Ceylon Black Tea
  • Organic Chamomile Mint
  • Organic Cherry Sencha Green Tea
  • Organic Chun Mee Green Tea
  • Organic Citrus Ginger Green Tea
  • Organic Coconut Rooibos
  • Organic Crimson Berry Fruit Tisane
  • Organic Decaf Earl Grey Black Tea
  • Organic Decaf English Breakfast Black Tea
  • Organic Decaf Green Tea
  • Organic Decaf Iced Tea
  • Organic Decaf Mixed Berry Black Tea
  • Organic Decaf Tropical Green Tea
  • Organic Dragonwell Lung Ching Green Tea
  • Organic Earl Grey Black Tea
  • Organic Earl Grey Green Tea
  • Organic Earl Grey Rooibos
  • Organic English Breakfast Black Tea
  • Organic Genmaicha Green Tea
  • Organic Ginger Chili Tisane
  • Organic Green Rooibos
  • Organic Gunpowder Green Tea
  • Organic Gyokuro Green Tea
  • Organic Hawaii Sweet Roast Green Tea
  • Organic Hibiscus
  • Organic Hojicha Green Tea
  • Organic Honeybush
  • Organic Iced Tea Sampler
  • Organic Jasmine Green Tea
  • Organic Keemun Black Tea
  • Organic Kukicha Green Tea
  • Organic Lychee Black Tea
  • Organic Mango Black Tea
  • Organic Mango Rooibos
  • Organic Mixed Berry Black Tea
  • Organic Moroccan Mint Green Tea
  • Organic Nepal Green Tea
  • Organic Nettle Leaf
  • Organic Nilgiri Black Tea
  • Organic Peach Rooibos
  • Organic Peppermint
  • Organic Pineapple Passion Green Tea
  • Organic Plum Oolong Tea
  • Organic Pomegranate White Tea
  • Organic Pu Erh Tea
  • Organic Raspberry Green Tea
  • Organic Rooibos
  • Organic Sencha Green Tea
  • Organic South Indian Black Tea
  • Organic Thai Iced Tea
  • Organic Ti Kuan Yin Oolong Tea
  • Organic Vanilla Almond Rooibos
  • Organic Vanilla Bean Black Tea
  • Organic Vietnam Nam Lanh Estate Black Tea
  • Organic Wu Yi Oolong Tea
  • Organic Yerba Mate

Top Quality Organic Iced Tea

Any tea devotee knows that not all teas are created equal. Realizing this, we at Arbor Teas perform extensive comparative tasting whenever we consider adding a new tea to our catalog. We select our tea inventory with quality, organic certification and Fair Trade certification in mind. Our delicious flavored organic iced teas use the same top quality tea that we offer in our unflavored varieties and are blended with pieces of real fruit, spices and flowers, and flavored with 100% natural botanical extracts.

Organic Iced Tea Variations

Although some of the best iced tea comes simply from well-brewed, high-quality organic tea leaves, it's often fun to jazz up iced tea with other additions for something new and exciting. Here are a few ideas: combine iced tea and lemonade in equal portions to create an Arnold Palmer, try making caffeine-free iced rooibos and tisanes, impress your friends with an adult friendly MarTEAnis, or create healthy, kid friendly popsicles. Find more tips in our Iced Tea Additions and Variations section.

Preparation Tips for Our Organic Iced Tea

Making iced tea at home is a breeze! We recommend one of two ways to brew our organic iced tea, traditional hot brew or eco-friendly cold brew. We've created step by step guides to illustrate both techniques and suggest trying each to find which you like best. The flavor profile changes slightly depending on the method used. Learn more with our step by step guides on how to make iced tea.