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Organic Jasmine Green Tea

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This organic, Fair Trade Certified Jasmine Green Tea offers a wonderful jasmine fragrance backed by a fuller-bodied green tea. This is acquired by picking the jasmine flower late at night when the blossom is in full bloom. The flowers are layered upon the organic tea leaves to impart their fragrance and create the most exquisite jasmine green tea experience around! By morning, the jasmine fragrance has transferred to the organic Chinese tea leaves and the blossoms are then discarded. This process is carried out on multiple successive evenings to impart the superior flavor and aroma of this specially selected organic green tea.

Ingredients: organic Chinese green tea


Serving Size: one level teaspoon per 8 oz cup of water

Staff Perspectives


Aubrey Says: Our top-selling tea!


Jeremy Says: I drink this one when I'm looking for a jasmine tea with a fuller flavor and body than our Jasmine Pearl Green Tea.


Sarah Says: Jasmine green tea smells so wonderful in your cup! The Jasmine doesn’t overpower, but you can taste the aroma. I want to plant a Jasmine tree by my bedroom window, so I can smell the flowers as I fall asleep.

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  1. Very Strong. Brew Lightly.

    Posted by Carree on 10th Dec 2016

    It has a very strong, bitter flavor when brewed at it's recommended temperature and maximum time (3 mins). I recommend brewing it at it's minimal time (2 mins), maybe less.
    I love the Cherry Sencha Green with it. In making a pot of tea, I love to blend two parts Cherry Sencha Green and one part Jasmine. Sounds complicated, but it's not. Totally worth it. ',)
    (The Cherry Sencha Green blend available on this site, totally amazing btw)

  2. Oh so gooood!

    Posted by Yen-Wen on 14th Nov 2016

    I truly love this tea! Wow! It's everything you need in a good cup of green with a good dosage of jasmine.
    It's like drinking a whole flower from top to bottom, very good balance between green tea and jasmine flavor. I find a touch of honey send the experience to the top!
    Oh so good! I will be back for more of such piece of heaven!

  3. Love this tea

    Posted by norwaysue on 21st Jun 2016

    I wanted a nice organic green jasmine iced tea to drink in the summer and have not been disappointed. And the price is reasonable, which is important to me. Thank you, Arbor Teas!

  4. Sad to see the bottom of my cup!

    Posted by Cori on 16th Mar 2016

    It had been years since I last tried jasmine tea, so I decided to give this one a try (to refresh my memory on why I liked it so much). I was so sad when I got to the last sip....so, I re-brewed and the second brew was almost better than the first. I am in love with this tea!

  5. Very jasmine-y!

    Posted by Robin K. on 25th Dec 2014

    I mostly like plain green teas, but decided to try this when I ordered some samples. It has a very floral scent and taste. My first cup was almost too floral, but I found the second steeping delicious. For me, it won't be an everyday tea, but good when I am looking for something a little different.

  6. Just "okay"

    Posted by Tracy on 1st Dec 2014

    I wanted to love this tea--jasmine green is my absolute favorite and I appreciate Arbor's commitment to organic and fair trade products--but the jasmine flavor was not prominent enough for me, and disappeared completely upon multiple steepings. My search for the perfect jasmine green continues...

  7. The ONLY Green Tea I've ever LOVED.

    Posted by Staci on 8th Sep 2014

    This is the ONLY Green Tea I've ever LOVED. Yes, I said LOVE!!
    Whenever I have a new order coming, I feel like it's Christmas. It's such a satisfying flavor and it's the highlight of my morning (outside of my family of course!)

  8. Great Aroma!

    Posted by Unknown on 16th May 2014

    This jasmine tea has a strong aroma that I don't find in other jasmine teas. When I am not sipping on the tea, I enjoy smelling the fresh floral scent!

  9. What a Jasmine Tea Should Be

    Posted by Lala on 22nd Apr 2014

    It's very jasmine-y and very green tea-y. In the past, I have tried jasmine teas that were extremely delicate. This is not that. It has a lot of flavor, and I love it!

  10. Balanced jasmine tea

    Posted by Unknown on 24th Mar 2014

    This tea has a very strong jasmine aftertaste (which means to be careful about not steeping it for too long). I've found that 1-minute-in, 1-minute-out in water around 92 C works best -- repeat that cycle until the taste is right. A lot of jasmines are overwhelmed by the floral flavour, but I found that, while the jasmine is strong here, it doesn't overwhelm or hide the underlying green tea base. For the price, you can't go wrong with this tea.

  11. Delicious budget friendly jasmine

    Posted by Candice Fryda on 10th Nov 2013

    I could not live without jasmine tea in the afternoon-everyday, between 2-3pm that is all I want. I had been spending a lot of money on the jasmine pearls -and while they are absolutely amazing-I just couldn't justify the cost on a grad student's budget. I decided to try this version of a green leaf jasmine to compare and I have to say it is just as delicious and I don't feel like I'm being irresponsible or frivolous purchasing it. I have found with this jasmine, and with any jasmine you must be meticulous in the water temperature you use and the length of time. For a perfect cup the water should be between 180-185 and never ever ever ever steep for longer than 2 minutes. After two minutes I find the taste to be bitter and unpleasant..but a lot of greens are sensitive and it just makes enjoying the perfect cup all the more rewarding.

  12. soso

    Posted by Adam on 24th Aug 2013

    Allow me to start by saying that I absolutely love jasmine tea. Jasmine has a very delightful smell as well as taste. This particular jasmine tea is not bad for the price, but I have to admit, it is not my favorite jasmine that I have had. The problem does not lie in the jasmine but the tea itself. The tea, to me at least, seems to leave a very strange aftertaste. I have been able to somewhat remedy this by using less tea than advised, and that seems to help. Just make sure that when preparing, not to use to many leaves and that can make this a world of difference. Enjoy!!!

  13. Superior Jasmine

    Posted by Jeremy on 17th Aug 2013

    One of the best jasmine green teas that I've tasted! Some of the more budget store-bought jasmine varieties lack natural sweetness and brew with a bitter taste which lingers, but this variety is a great pick-me-up any time of the day. I find it especially refreshing as an iced tea during the warmer months.

  14. Good "everyday" jasmine tea

    Posted by Sasha on 5th Aug 2013

    I wanted to try this tea to see what the difference was between this and the more expensive pearl jasmine tea. This tea is much stronger and you must be careful not to over brew it or it quickly becomes too bitter.

  15. I can smell the Jasmine...

    Posted by Susan on 6th Jul 2013

    the sweet floral taste is delicate and sensual. This tea is addicting and divine. I like it both iced and hot and am able to use the leaves twice. This is my calming tea when the world is rushing by.

  16. Wonderfully Aromatic!

    Posted by Elliot on 29th Jun 2013

    I received this tea in my first order from Arbor Teas, an order that only took two days to get to me! A wonderfully aromatic tea, I was pleasantly surprised at how smooth, mellow, and refreshing the Jasmine Green was. Floral is a great term for it. A must-have for anyone who is looking for a "different" tea. I love it and will reorder for sure!

  17. Great Flavor & Peace of Mind

    Posted by Kachelmyer on 6th Jan 2013

    I am a big Jasmine Green Tea fan--two cups a day, everyday--so I decided to purchase some loose leaf Jasmine Green Tea on Amazon.com in a bulk quantity. However, after a few days of drinking the tea, I started noticing I was having headaches quite frequently...and this got me thinking "how safe are the practices of this company in preparing this tea?" I began to see the wisdom in purchasing organic tea and found Arbor Teas in an online search. Although the cost was higher than the tea I'd purchased on Amazon, I was willing to give it a try, and I'm so glad I did. Not only is the flavor of Arbor Tea's Jasmine Green better, I haven't experienced a single headache since switching to this tea. Peace of mind + Great flavor

  18. Uplifting Jasmine

    Posted by Aysia Scheerer on 15th Feb 2012

    This tea reminds me of sitting in a meadow, reading a book. It is perfect for those days when you want something "different" and a bit more exciting than your everyday green tea. The jasmine is very present, but not overwhelming. This tea would be wonderful for those who are just starting to drink green tea, as the jasmine gives it a nice level of complexity.

  19. Excellent natural jasmine flavor and aroma...

    Posted by Lukasz on 6th Dec 2011

    I purposely waited 9+ months to review this tea in order to provide a true assessment of it. I ordered this tea in bulk and stored it inside the large air tight metal containers sold here.

    You can’t go wrong with this tea. It was love at first scent for me. When fresh, this tea has an incredible jasmine aroma that comes off natural and not artificial in any way. As far as taste goes, it is very good. It doesn’t take a lot of tea to create a good infusion, so start with a small amount and work your way up. Also, do NOT steep this tea for more than 30 seconds (at 175F) during the first infusion or else the bitters of the green tea will over power the jasmine. Keep in mind that the jasmine is the highlight of this tea with the green tea just the backbone. Overall, I recommend it to anyone.

  20. Incredible

    Posted by Lawrence on 21st Oct 2011

    I had not been very fond of green tea until I tasted this. I was a bit apprehensive about taking such a risk ordering a bulk order as my first introduction to jasmine, but it was well worth it!

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We at Arbor Teas firmly believe that tea should be brewed to suit your personal taste. With that being said, here are some recommendations to get you started, but please remember you can make adjustments based on your own personal taste.

There are three main considerations when brewing tea: quantity of tea, water temperature and steeping time.


Quantity of tea: one level teaspoon per 8 oz cup of water


Water temperature: use water that has been heated until bubbles begin to form on the bottom of the pot (180° F)


Steeping time: 2-3 minutes

Tip #1: Use fresh water whenever possible - water that has been sitting in your kettle overnight may impart a flat or stale taste to your tea. Be careful not to boil your water for too long. Over boiled water can sometimes impart an unwanted taste.

Tip #2: Keep in mind that brewing your tea for too long can extract undesirable bitterness from the leaves, so steeping time matters! For a stronger brew, don’t steep longer, just use more tea.

Learn more from our How To Guides on how to brew loose leaf tea, how to make iced tea, and how to make tea lattes. And don’t forget to check out our Eco-Brewing Tips, too!


There are five significant components found in all tea from the plant camellia sinensis: essential oils, which are the source of tea’s delicious flavor and aroma; polyphenols, which are antioxidants that provide the tea’s brisk flavor and many of its health benefits; phytonutrients, which are small amounts of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids including L-theanine (a very rare molecule that has been found in only three sources including camellia sinensis!) ; enzymes; and methylxanthines, which are a family of alkaloids that include caffeine. Each of these components work differently in the human body and a full description is best left to a medical journal. However, recent research exploring the potential health attributes of tea is leading many scientists to agree that tea, may contribute positively to a healthy lifestyle.

Some research comparing different types of tea has shown that the manufacturing process does affect the level of antioxidants present in the final tea leaf. According to a 2006 review of the beneficial effects of green tea in the Journal of American College of Nutrition, when comparing dry leaves, unoxidized green tea retains more antioxidants than black, oolong, or pu-erh. The catechin (or antioxidant) that displays the greatest increase in green tea when compared to the black, oolong and pu-erh is EGCG (epigallocatechin-3-gallate). (Reference: "Beneficial Effects of Green Tea - A Review" Journal of the American College of Nutrition, Vol 25, No 2 (2006))

For a more in-depth discussion of Tea and Health Benefits check here.

For a more in-depth discussion of Tea and Caffeine check here.

Quick and Easy Jasmine Lemonade

Jasmine Lemonade

With the summer months coming, I thought I'd share my recipe for jasmine lemonade. It's my go-to when I want a simple, refreshing drink in the summer. It's also easy to modify to suit your taste! Check here to view the full recipe for the Quick and Easy Jasmine Lemonade!

Citrus and Tea Cream Pie: Jasmine and Grapefruit

Citrus and Tea Cream Pie

The original inspiration for this recipe came from Martha Stewart as a chamomile version of lemon meringue pie in a homey cornmeal crust. You could alter the recipe by subbing in organic jasmine green tea and grapefruit (or those giant pumelos) to make a sophisticated, perfumed dessert. Check here to view the full recipe for the Citrus and Tea Cream Pie!

Tea-cured Salmon

Tea-cured Salmon

Tea-curing salmon is basically a variation on gravadlax, but with organic jasmine tea leaves instead of dill. Just imagine the flavor potential tea offers! Check here to view the full recipe for Tea-Cured Salmon with Jasmine Green Tea!