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Organic Earl Grey Black Tea

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This organic, Fair Trade Certified version of the classic Earl Grey does not disappoint. It has a correct balance of flavoring which results in a piquant and refreshing true Earl Grey organic black tea taste. Made fashionable by the Prime Minister of England Earl Grey (1830-1834), Earl Grey tea is traditionally a blend of organic Chinese tea flavored with the oil from the Asian citrus fruit, bergamot.  Now, some of the best bergamot in the world hails from Italy, where the botanical was transplanted generations ago.  For our organic Earl Grey Black Tea we blend the oil from an Italian grown bergamot with a bolder organic black tea from India for an Earl Grey lover's delight!

Ingredients: organic Indian black tea and natural bergamot flavor


Serving Size: one level teaspoon per 8 oz cup of water

Staff Perspectives


Aubrey Says: This organic tea always impresses me by its equally bold bergamot and black tea flavors!


Jeremy Says: A classic tea for good reason!


Sarah Says: I was never a fan of Earl Grey... I kept trying it and trying it in hopes I would like it and see why it was so popular. That is, until I met this one! This is truly the best Earl Grey I have ever tasted. Now I like to treat myself to a cookie and mug of Earl Grey.

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  1. Great Tea for Mornings

    Posted by Melissa on 2nd Apr 2017

    I recently purchased this tea for my desk at work. The smell of this tea is amazing. It's so unlike any other earl grey I've had before. I even have a few co-workers asking to try some.

  2. yummy black tea

    Posted by Unknown on 9th Dec 2016

    really like the flavors. i add a bit of milk and it makes it a bit yummier to me. thanks for carrying it

  3. Really good!

    Posted by Unknown on 17th May 2016

    I really love this Earl Grey! Lovely balance. Enjoyed a cup with a squeeze of lemon.

  4. Best Earl Grey

    Posted by Rondi on 24th May 2015

    I hope Arbor keeps the quality of the Earl Grey they put together!! This is now our favorite EG. It appears that they use quality leaves that are mid range in length which we like. The bergemot flavor is neither too strong or weak. My husband and I like to do a second steeping which we can do with this tea.

  5. Great Early Grey

    Posted by JR on 5th May 2014

    I was looking for an Earl Grey with a pungent bergamot aroma and flavor. This tea does not disappoint. The bergamot flavor does not get lost when you add cream. I worked in a coffee shop that sold loose leaf teas and grew to love Earl Grey from trying all their quality teas. I am glad I found this here at Arbor Teas.

    (P.S. They ship to Guam with reasonable shipping charges!)

  6. Can't get it right all the time...

    Posted by Amanda on 26th Mar 2014

    ...too many leaves, steeped it for too long. When I hit all the right notes, though, it's perfect!

  7. Intense Flavor

    Posted by Unknown on 14th Dec 2013

    I enjoy this blended with Irish Breakfast Tea. The Bergamot flavor is a little too intense when brewed alone. I wouldn't be without this tea, though!

  8. I Love Earl Grey

    Posted by Rachel on 23rd Aug 2013

    Many of the Earl Greys you buy at the store, even if organic or fair trade, lack flavor and end up being just another tea. This one has good bergamot flavor without it tasting artificial or overwhelming. My favorite treat with Sunday brunch after church or during the week if I want a little pick-me-up.

  9. A great classic Earl Grey

    Posted by U. N. Owen on 22nd Apr 2013

    Of all the types of teas I've tried so far, Earl Grey is generally my favorite kind. Depending on where you get it from, the flavor can vary fairly substantially; but when I think of the pure Earl Grey flavor, I think of this kind. It's got everything you want in an Earl Grey - the bergamot flavor is just the right strength, not overpowering but definitely appreciable, and it even survives a resteep or two. My favorite version of my favorite kind of tea!

  10. Best Earl Grey

    Posted by Dimitra on 17th Feb 2013

    If you are looking for a fragrant cup of Earl Grey, try this one! Compared with other brands, this is the best cup I have had! I like it with some cream or coconut milk (the beverage, not the kind for cooking), and sometimes with a splash of maple syrup.

  11. The first Earl Grey I reviewed for my Earl Grey Addict review site

    Posted by The Earl Grey Addict on 10th Jan 2013

    It's a silly idea but I've started a blog in hopes of reviewing every Earl Grey available. I"m 9 reviews in with 5-6 more Earl Greys ready to be reviewed with countless sites ready to be ordered from. After trying many, many Earl Grey's I always return to this version. The natural flavor and aroma coupled with knowing it's organic makes it an easy pick. If you don't mind, here's the full link.

  12. Depth of Flavor

    Posted by Kyle Browning on 16th Dec 2012

    The Bergamot in this tea is not one note like most I have tasted. There is a subtle complexity to this earl grey that reminds me of all things fruit loops cereal in the best way possible. This may seem a strange comparison but know after trying over 7 different Earl Grays this one takes the cake!

  13. Yummy Bergamot

    Posted by Madalyn Gregory on 1st Sep 2012

    I love the way bergamot smells and this tea gives off a great aroma in the bag and in the cup. It is well balanced, the bergamot is not overwhelming. I do have to be careful on the steeping time since I have made a few cups that were on the bitter side. But when it's right, it's perfect. Lingering citrus notes and a strong black tea make this one of my favorite Earl Greys.

  14. Great Earl Grey

    Posted by Unknown on 27th Aug 2012

    I got a wonderful whiff of bergamot the moment I opened the box. The tangy smell was only enhanced when I opened the pouch itself. I love that the packaging is compostable! The tea itself is smooth and aromatic. A bit of sugar really enhances the flavor for me. I can even get a couple of steepings out of it, so the value really streches.

  15. Top Shelf Earl Grey

    Posted by Joseph Paulson on 17th Jul 2012

    The dry leaf practically shines with oil of bergamot! I've never seen anything like it! The scent of the leaves hits strong but never unpleasantly so. The tea brews very well. The intoxicating scent is well balanced with the black tea behind it. I drink it black and sometimes find it a wee bit thin. But I think this would be delightful with a spot of whole milk and a scant teaspoon of sugar. I look forward to drinking this tea every Friday with my favorite pastry.

  16. My Favorite Earl Grey

    Posted by Aysia on 15th Feb 2012

    This Earl Grey has just the right amount of bergamot (natural, of course), which makes it my favorite black tea variety. The bergamot is uplifting, and never overpowering. It is a wonderful tea to start the day with.

  17. Arbor Teas Earl Grey

    Posted by Nancy Biehn on 13th Jan 2011

    This is by far my most favorite tea with chocolate! What a perfect balance of earthy black tea and citrus. Really all I want to do is breathe in it's aroma all day long - it smells fabulous.

  18. Perfect balance

    Posted by Bill Edwards on 7th Nov 2008

    For me the secret to a great Earl Grey is the balance. This is a great blend of black tea with just the right amount of bergamot. I cannot imaging a better Earl Grey.

  19. Earl Grey

    Posted by Christy on 3rd Feb 2008

    I like an Earl Grey to have a lot of flavor. From the moment you open the bag you know it's going to be good. This tea is so wonderful! I look forward to it every morning. The fact that it is organic and fair trade certified is so great. I have found "my" Earl Grey.


We at Arbor Teas firmly believe that tea should be brewed to suit your personal taste. With that being said, here are some recommendations to get you started, but please remember you can make adjustments based on your own personal taste.

There are three main considerations when brewing tea: quantity of tea, water temperature and steeping time.


Quantity of tea: one level teaspoon per 8 oz cup of water


Water temperature: use water that has been heated to a full rolling boil (212° F)


Steeping time: 3-5 minutes

Tip #1: Use fresh water whenever possible - water that has been sitting in your kettle overnight may impart a flat or stale taste to your tea. Be careful not to boil your water for too long. Over boiled water can sometimes impart an unwanted taste.

Tip #2: Keep in mind that brewing your tea for too long can extract undesirable bitterness from the leaves, so steeping time matters! For a stronger brew, don’t steep longer, just use more tea.

Learn more from our How To Guides on how to brew loose leaf tea, how to make iced tea, and how to make tea lattes. And don’t forget to check out our Eco-Brewing Tips, too!


There are five significant components found in all tea from the plant camellia sinensis: essential oils, which are the source of tea’s delicious flavor and aroma; polyphenols, which are antioxidants that provide the tea’s brisk flavor and many of its health benefits; phytonutrients, which are small amounts of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids including L-theanine (a very rare molecule that has been found in only three sources including camellia sinensis!) ; enzymes; and methylxanthines, which are a family of alkaloids that include caffeine. Each of these components work differently in the human body and a full description is best left to a medical journal. However, recent research exploring the potential health attributes of tea is leading many scientists to agree that tea, may contribute positively to a healthy lifestyle.

For a more in-depth discussion of Tea and Health Benefits check here.

For a more in-depth discussion of Tea and Caffeine check here.


Citrus and Tea Cream Pie: Perfect Picnic Pie

Citrus and Tea Cream Pie

The original inspiration for this recipe came from Martha Stewart as a chamomile version of lemon meringue pie in a homey cornmeal crust. You could alter the recipe by subbing in orange and organic earl grey black tea as a perfect picnic pie. Check here to view the full recipe for the Citrus and Tea Cream Pie!

Tea-Laced Shortbread Trio: Earl Grey Shortbread

Tea-Laced Shortbread Trio: Chocolate Chai Shortbread

Requiring only a handful of ingredients, few things are simpler, yet so satisfying to make than classic shortbread.  These delicate cookies complement a glass of milk or a cup of tea equally well, and their buttery, not overtly sweet nature takes on additional flavors with ease. Check here to view the full recipe for Tea-Laced Shortbread Trio!

Earl Grey Tea Madeleines

Earl Grey Tea Madeleines

Traditionally a dry cookie, perfectly conducive for dunking into a complementary cup of tea, this madeleine recipe combines the elements of tea and cookies in a singular elegance. Check here to view the full recipe for Earl Grey Tea Madeleines!

Earl Grey Tea: Fact and Fiction

Traditional Earl Grey is a blend of black tea flavored with the essence of Bergamot rind, though the name may also be used to refer to any tea—black or otherwise—that uses bergamot as a flavoring (such as our organic green Earl Grey, and our organic Earl Grey rooibos blends). Bergamots are small tart oranges native to southern Vietnam that research suggests are a cross between the sweet lemon, Citrus limetta, and the sour orange, C. aurantium, and the essential oils from their rinds are what give Earl Grey its characteristic flavor. Consequently, the tea often sees use in all manner of confectionary, lending a subtle, citrusy zest to chocolates (like our tea-infused truffles!), cakes, or sauces.

This famous tea is named for an English prime minister, Lord Charles Grey the second, from the 1830s who first popularized its consumption. There is a popular legend that the Earl received the tea as a gift from a grateful Mandarin after one of his men saved the Mandarin (or his son, depending on which version of the story you hear) from drowning. Charming though it is, the story has no basis in fact, because the Earl never traveled to China during his life. Beyond that, no records indicate that the Bergamot was even cultivated in China at that time, so this tea would have been a very unusual gift!

Nevertheless, the current Earl Grey, Lord Charles Grey the sixth, maintains that at the very least his ancestor was given the tea as a gift from a Chinese envoy, and he endorses Twinings of London’s recipe for the tea. Interestingly, the English teahouse Jacksons of Piccadilly also claims to be in possession of the original recipe for Earl Grey, having received it from the Earl himself in 1830.

For information on other traditions or to submit your own tea tradition visit our Tea Traditions section.