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Chinese Tea Pronunciation: "Oolong Tea"

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In this edition of our guide to the proper pronunciation of Chinese tea terms, we address another major tea term for you: "oolong tea"!


Meaning: The first character on it's own means "raven" or "crow",and the second means "dragon". Together they represent the term for a most-beloved category of teas: oolongs!

Pronunciation: The pronunciation of "乌"  is similar to the first part of the Chinese term for pu-erh ("普" ), except without the "p" sound at the beginning. The intonation is high and flat. The second word is pronounced like the English word "lone", with an "-ng" sound at the end. And, like many of the terms we've reviewed thus far, the second word rises in pitch like the end of a question in English.

By now, we've covered the pronunciation of nearly all of the most fundamental Chinese tea terms!  Next up: jasmine tea!