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Chinese Tea Pronunciation: "Pu-Erh Tea"

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We're taking things to the next level with this edition of our pronunciation guide to Chinese tea terms, moving on to the term for pu-erh!


Meaning: These two characters together mean pu-erh tea. The "普" character means "general" or "universal", while the "洱" character represents the name of a lake in the Yunnan province in Southern China. Together, these two characters stand for the region in which pu-erh tea is produced. At Arbor Teas, we've assembled an nice little selection of organic pu-erh teas from the Yunnan province for the adventurous to try.

Pronunciation: The first character is pronounced "pu", just as it's written in English, with the pitch rising at the end of the word similar to a question in English. Then, the second character is pronouced like the first two letters of the word "army", its intonation being lower than the final pitch of the first syllable.

By now, you've certainly impressed the pants off of your afternoon tea guests with your growing knowledge of Chinese tea pronunciation! Stay tuned for our next installment, “oolong tea“.