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COOKING WITH TEA: Tea-Laced Shortbread Trio Recipe

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Trio of Tea-Laced Shortbreads Requiring only a handful of ingredients, few things are more simple, yet so satisfying to make than classic shortbread.  These delicate cookie complement a glass of milk or a cup of tea equally well, and their buttery, not overtly sweet nature takes on additional flavors with ease. Here I've paired a basic shortbread dough with three classic organic, loose leaf teas from Arbor Teas: organic Earl Grey Black Tea, organic Matcha Green Tea, and organic Masala Chai Black Tea. With each tea selection and a few additional mix-ins, three distinctive flavors and hues spring from the platform of a once plain dough. Try all three, or mix and match to your own preferences.

The standard shortbread recipe presented here is endlessly adaptable, so don't hesitate to play to your tastes. As a technical aside, though, know that it can be a bit tricky to work with this butter-laden dough. Success in perfectly shaped cookies comes from keeping the dough well chilled before rolling and again before baking. Also placing the cookie sheet furthest away from the heat source, in the bottom third of the oven, will prevent spreading as they bake.

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Hope you enjoy this Cooking with Tea Recipe from the Kitchen of Olivia!