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Keeping The Carbon Out Of Our Tea - And Then Some!

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Arbor Teas has taken a variety of measures to reduce the overall environmental "footprint" of getting our teas to our customers. Among these is our annual contribution to CarbonFund.org to offset those carbon emissions generated by our business that we haven't figured out a way to avoid (yet). We are very proud to offset the carbon emissions of our entire operation, including the shipment of our products from origin, to us, then out to our customers. CarbonFund.org has estimated that our "carbon footprint" for the coming year will be just over two tons of carbon dioxide. That sounds like a lot, but I suppose in the grand scheme of things, it's just a drop in the bucket. So, to help shrink the size of that "bucket" even more, we just offset nearly 15 times our expected carbon emissions for the year - 35 tons in all!