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Save Water, Drink Tea!

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Blue Planet With all of the attention that global warming has been given lately (for good reason), the carbon footprint of goods and services has come to dominate the conversation of reducing the environmental impact of what we buy, eat and use in our daily lives.  Because of this, we often forget about other environmental criteria worth considering, like global water consumption.  According to the recent publication "The World's Water, 2008-2009" (by Peter Gleick, et al, www.waterfootprint.org), it turns out that tea has a much smaller "water footprint" than coffee, requiring as little as one-fifth to one-tenth as much water!

This substantial difference is due in large part to the incredible thirst of the coffee tree in producing the cherries that coffee is made from, compared to the relatively water-efficient tea bush.  In fact, among all agricultural products, coffee is responsible for the greatest amount of "virtual" movement of water across the globe (from growing areas to consumption areas) tied up in the form of coffee beans.  So, save water... drink tea!!!